Dallas, Texas

Wish the slogan dedicated to service and quality would apply to there employe's. They work them like dogs then when a big wig (some fat *** that sits behind a desk for a living).

Decides they have seen enough of you they either fire you or demote you what a crock of ***. This compay is the most communist piece of *** i have ever worked for. . Save yourself the time and headaches and go to lowes or home depot.

Also all there stuff there is junk. Everything either break or just quits working!

I would like to see them go bankrupt!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I worked for a little over a year at the North Kansas City Menards and Kevin Harrision is definitely the worst boss ever. He lied to me about my hours and he would harass some of the younger female employees by pushing his body against theirs when walking thru the aisle, maybe a joke to him but some felt sexually harassed but afraid to report it because of how he would react.

In some ways Kevin was fair and I have even seen him go out of his way to help a co worker.

But on the other hand he is arrogant and has horrible customer service skills and will take advantage of workers if given the chance. If you want a decent job then I guess Menards is ok but you would probably not like working at the North Kansas City store as long as Kevin is there.


Right on!


Overall, John Menard, Gaylen....they're incredibly ruthless and don't care about anything other than the dollar. They don't care about how many hours you work, about being open longer on holidays, nothing but the dollar.

However, I worked in 9 stores in my time there. Some of the GMs were very cool and treated you really well. Some were just awful. The stores morale is very dependent on the GM more than John Menard.

Kevin Harrison (st josephs, MO) and Michael Ruthig (Indy South) are just absolutely terrible. But there are a lot of really good ones too, and I liked going to work for those GMs a ton.

@Depends on GM

Kevin Harrison is even worse at the North KC store! He's a *** bully and always on a power trip!

@Pawn in game of menards life

I worked for Kevin at the St.Joseph store. He is unethical and will trample on anyone to appease Galen and John.

Seen him throw a "team member" under the bus to cover up his own mistake.

He has dirty hands and put someone out of a job that did nothing wrong per policy etc... he needs to be let go!

@Pawn in game of menards life

As a customer, I spoke with him (Kevin Harrison) in reference to the horrible home delivery service I received and how poorly illustrated it was. Not only did he not take any ownership for his store but you can detect a major superior attitude over the phone.

He clearly demonstrated how customer satifaction does NOT work.

His comment was “What do you want me to do about it, you finally got your product” if this is how he treats customers I can’t image what he does to his employees. Guy is clearly narcissistic.


Couldn't disagree with you more!!!! After a little over 4 years, Menards is one of the best companies I've ever worked for.

Do your job and you are treated very well - don't and you are not. This is as it should be, I wish more companies, and society in general, had the accountability and fairness that Menards does.