Lansing, Michigan
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the store manager of menard in Tinley park il his name is john ,,he is the worst customer service

i bought a a fan and the fan was defective and it was installed on my celing in my house ,, i went back to explain the problem ,,, maybe we did some wrong ,,,at the end it was defecive,,, i was willing to buy another fan nd have the service man install the new one and i will return the old back,,, he charged me $30.00 more for the new one,,, he could charge me the same price and i will return the old one ,,he turn his back on me and kept going ... i will never go back to Menard ,,,,there is lowes and home depot

Monetary Loss: $199.

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You know, it's funny.

whenever people don't seem to tell the details and such of the story they make it seem like these places are the worst ever. I have had nothing but great service at this store, if someone doesn't know an answer to something i ask they find someone who does.

I have had nothing but positive experiences with menards. Just becuase you don't get your way doesn't mean all of the employees are bad. also, I found that they have really cheap lumber compared the lowes and depot, depot was always horrible with me as far as "customer service" goes and lowes didn't seem as knowledgeable.

I'm not bashing them, but for whatever reason I have always had a good vibe from menards. They are great about doing what they can within company policies to make sure their customers are happy, at least with me they have.


Uh, yes sir, it is.


Love the Ace in Tinley, best one around.


I completly agree the store mgr of this store is Soooooo unprofessional....however I went to the homewood store to try and get better service once, NO GO!!! This guy was equally as ridiculous!!!

Menards must have REALLY low standards for their mgrs and/or employees!!!

I try stick to ACE (who has AWESOME service, but higher prices) or Lowes and Home Deopot!!!! Love my hardware stores, HATE Menards!!!