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My husband and I drove 40 minutes to our nearest Menards in Canton, Ohio to purchase 2 interior doors for our home. They were the wrong size so a week later we wanted to exchange them for the correct size.

The cashier told us to leave our doors at the return desk and come back with the right size doors. We of course had to wait for someone with a forklift to help us get them off of the top shelf so this took a while since there was a line of people waiting for the same thing. Once we got back with our new doors she said that our receipt only showed that we paid for one door last week and not the 2 that we came back with. I told her that we obviously had 2 doors and we didn't just strap one on our backs and walk out the front door with an extra door.

The I told her they were on sale for $39 each and an extra 10% sale was going on that day. Well we were charged $71 for one door. She had someone from that dept come up front and he said we only paid for one door. We asked if he even had a $71 door back there and he couldn't answer that.

I brought up the sale sign that was still there this week that said sale for $39 and he acknowledged it but thought that I should instead scan my credit card so that we could bring up the correct receipt. I told him that he was holding the correct receipt. Then he told my husband that he would have to take 10% off of the return amount because one of the doors was dirty from being in the back of my husbands truck. Well give me a rag buddy and I'll wipe the dirt off!

My husband pointed out that it wouldn't have got dirty if it would have had the cardboard around the edge of the door like the others did when we bought it. I had a small amount of cardboard around it and it was tied by twine to keep it on. So clearly this door was damaged or returned previously. The guy just kept getting loud and wouldn't look at us.

So I said to get our $71 back and now they had 4 doors up there that they had to take care of. We were going to Lowes!!! I do not like that fact that when you return something with a receipt that u have to wait for someone who works in that dept to come and ok your return. We had to return a sander the week before and had to wait for some lady to ok the return.

So is everyone in that dept an expert??? I doubt it! The sander shut down only a half hour after my husband used it!

Cheap prices for cheap quality!!!!

Monetary Loss: $71.

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i have had similar experiences at the menards in kearney nebraska i will not even step inside any menards location any more.


Just an honest question, but who the *** names their child 'Heddie'? Or is that some random name you decided to make up?

So sad that we have people like you using up valuable natural resources and oxygen. If only all the incompetent fools like you would just die already.


Pretty obvious that "heartless" works at Menards! LOL!


@ GATOR, HAHAH you're a tool. Menards return policy on items that run on gas are as followed.

30 days for anything hand-held once gas is put in it, after 30 days must go to a repair place. Pushed gas equipment must go to a repair place no matter what if gas has been added. Clearly it was not a week later or they would have taken it back, seeing how it was hand-held. Three main reasons this is the case it's unsafe (GAS,DUH) and Menards employees are not qualified to decide how and why it's defective.

THIRD AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL is MOST GAS ITEMS SOLD BY MENARDS ARE DESTROYED/RUINED BY THE CONSUMER who does not read the owners Manuel. This is why all gas pushed items most go to a repair shop if it's a proven defect it will be covered if it was the consumer being dumb they have to pay for it :).


I believe your story. What they should of done is exchanged the doors straight up.

Would have kept the custmer happy.I tried to return a *** eater once with a receipt and they wouldnt take it back because it had gasoline in it. I went and drained the gas out went back and they still wouldnt take it back because it previously had gas in it.

I looked at the two employees and asked them what was I suppose to do run it on milk? I had a little over a week and was using it for the first time when it broke.


What?- I take it that you have NEVER made a mistake in your lifetime. We're all human and mistakes are made.

We have alot of projects going on in our home and by accident bought doors the size of our closet doors instead of the bedroom doors. It was an honest mistake. You shouldn't burn someone at the stake just because of small mistake. We tried to correct it.

That is why stores have return policies!!! Have you ever had to return an item of clothing? I'm sure you know what size you wear but maybe it didn't fit right when you got it home and needed to return it.

It doesn't make you "less than competent" it just means you made a mistake. Maybe someone should belittle you next time you need to make a return for any reason!!!!!


You, quite frankly, do not sound very bright. First, while you are clearly aware that the internet exists, you decide NOT to take the 2 minutes necessary to figure out what size doors you need.

Instead, you drive 40 minutes to a store to buy THE WRONG DOORS. This is absolutely your fault. Then you go on to criticize the fact that the door you bought had twine holding the cardboard cover on. Did it not even occur to you that this is caused by people like YOU who buy the WRONG DOORS and then return them?


I realize a sliding economy can cause less-than-competent people to attempt things they normally wouldn't, but please, in the future contact a qualified local contractor, because you clearly are not up to the task. The worst part of this is that those of us who actually know what we're doing now have to purchase your aborted mess of a door return.


Heartless: That was the whole point!!! My receipt showed only one door but I purchased 2 and I came back into the store with 2 doors.

So their cashier messed up the first time around when she checked us out!! I just didn't examine the receipt when we left. So I didn't notice that only 1 door was on the receipt when in FACT we left with 2 doors and returned 2 doors!!! That was the whole arguement.

As for the loudness, that didn't occur until he started getting loud. He also was NOT a manager!! I even asked them to pull their security cameras from the week prior. We left with 2 doors and assumed we paid for 2 doors because the final price sounded like we paid for 2 doors.

Remember it was a sale for $39 a door plus 10% so the $71 we were charged seemed correct in my mind. AGain, I didn't examine the receipt! We had 2 doors to handle and a 1 year old! IF the final price was different then I would have examined the receipt but as I said $71 and some change seemed correct to me because of the sale price!

We truly just wanted 2 doors for our home! Why would we drive almost a hour away to "scam" Menards. Get real! I know I don't have that kind of extra time in my life to drive back and forth for no reason!

We did end up going to Lowes and paying more for 2 doors. That's how badly we just wanted doors and not a "scam". Sounds like you have too much time on your hands! I'm not saying that everyone has a bad experience at Menards, this website it just for those who have!!

I'm sure you have had bad experiences that were not your faul at other stores. Just take it for what its worth. I had an actual bad experience and I vented. I'm not asking for you to believe it.

If I was scamming then I would have left with the 1 door that they said I didn't pay for.

If then said I only paid for 1 door then I would have left that 1 door for them in my return and kept the other if it was scamming! Move on!


Your story does not ADD UP! If you bought two items like you claim it would have two items on the receipt not one.

Check any receipt you ever get from any where you buy an item it's on your receipt. The register doesn't simply combine two items cause it's the same and call's it one item. THE CASHIER HAD EVERY RIGHT TO QUESTION YOU AND THE MANAGER. I'm also sure he/she got loud because you were in fact being loud as well and refusing to see reason.

Also a Manager knows much more then a cashier and they're all told to call a manager if they're unsure about returning a product. Anyways you're lucky they didn't call the cops on you and accuse you of stealing the other door because everything I see from your post is you trying to scam Menards and failing at it and getting pissed that it did not work.


Not everything needs someone from the department to come up and ok it. It's usually big/expensive things (like your doors!) and other appliances, tools, etc, that they need a dept. manager to come ok because some things you cannot return to the store and have to take it somewhere else.


I just returned something I bought at my local Menards two days ago. I had bought the roll of wallpaper three days prior.

I walked up to the return girl, gave her my receipt and the unopened wallpaper roll and she handed me the money. Simple and quick.

I have never had a problem returning anything to Menards, tho I haven't had to return but two things in the past ten years or so. Perhaps it's just you?


Story seems extremely odd... i don't believe much of it.


When I look at the Menard's ads, I don't think their prices are that cheap. With your doors, in order to avoid a lot of unnecessary travel, you should measure before you buy.