Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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Menards has one of THE worst return policies and rebate programs EVER. They're products are low quality and don't last long either.

Go to Lowe's(same pricing) or Home Depot(a little more but better specials) Menards is the walmart of home improvement stores. I bought a tankless water heater and thinking it was a 110 volt and when I got it home, found out that it was actually a 220 volt. Where I wanted to put it is not really wired for 220 so I took it back.

The BASTARDS charge me $44 to put it back on the F#$&%@G shelf. I took back a heater I bought from them and will be a LOYAL Lowe's and Home Depot customer from now on.

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Menards hired my daughter. A single mother.

She had no income at all. She was so happy to be hired. She is a hard worker and would have been an asset as an employee to Menards. They did not tell her when they hired her that she had to buy her own box cutter as well as a 16 inch measuring tape.

Are you kidding me!! I have never in my life worked for a company where they did not supply the necessary tools to do my job. They sent her home today.

This needs to go viral. Shame on you!!


I've always shopped at Lowes because they hire installers and stand behind their work. Menards has the motto "we're your supplier not your competitor." We went to Menards for the sole purpose of finding a contractor to build us a patio room.

We got their recommendations and proceeded. After three weeks of BS from the contractor, he bailed when we asked for proof of insurance and warranty. We'd paid almost $6,000 including some special orders for materials. I have to say that Menards was very gracious as they processed a complete return.

They even called the manufacturer to determine whether they could get the special order cancelled. They did.

We walked out the store with a "sorry it didn't work out" and a full refund. Can't be too hard on them.


If you think a water heater runs on 110 you sir a *** ***.


I work at Menards, and i must say that the place *** SUCKS! 7 hours without a lunch blows, whereas if i worked 7.5 hours i would get a 30 minute lunch.

so really i work the same amount anyways, although they always keep you 45 min after. plus the pay blows and i have no life anymore. plus everyone is a taddle tale trying to get promoted. *** retards

CUSTOMERS - I feel sorry for you.

the rebates are useless. they know that 90% of the people dont even know about theyre rebates, and the other 9% just wont even mail it in. They will nickel and dime the sh1t out of everything you do. and 50% of everything is miss priced at a lower price to get you to put it in your cart...

tactic??? idk. plus the SONG SUCKS.


@Menards Cashier/Emplyee

If the job and pay are so bad, why don't you get a job somewhere else?


Prime example of how this company does business. Great public relation skills.

Can I work at Menard's? Here's our new slogan, "Come buy our junk, *** you, and have a terrible day!"


oh my god i am so sick of you f*cktards that everytime someone replies about the policies and proves you wrong claim that they must work for menards corporate. Like we *** pay people to sit online all day and comment on our complaints. Sorry but unlike some of you people, we actually work for a living.





Bartman, you're a ***. It's all being explained to you right to your face and you're still fighting it.

It's one thing if a store intentionally scammed you. It's another thing if you're a genius who doesn't understand anything.


Restocking fee's at Menards only occur when it's a special order return or not stocked at the location you're trying to return it at.

It's your fault for buying the wrong one.

Bart you're not very smart. Stop trying to blame others for your short comings.


I hear ya, thus my "walmart" comment. The Home Depot here where I live is an exception.

Even though the things there are a bit higher priced than menards, the people there are VERY helpful and seem to be quite knowledgeable. I have had NO trouble with Home Depot what so ever.


i have to say that if you go into a big box store expecting ANY kind of help beyond locating a product, you are fooling yourself. if the employees knew all the stuff you expect them to know, they'd be working somewhere else for much more money.

if it's knowledgeable service you want, ace hardware is a much better option.

it makes no sense to go to home depot or lowes since they are the same kind of big-box store anyway. enjoy your disappointment.


Menards cearly has someone at corprate to reply to these posts. It must be this "wow" person since he replys to all these posts.

They gotta have someome to reply to the complaint to try to make them look better.

Hey "wow' how much do they pay you? Menards sucks.


I'm tired of *** people that weren't there trying to tell ME what happened. I DID have the receipt!


Menards does not charge restocking fees unless it is a special order. Every time an item is special order the employee doing the special order goes over it with the guest to ensure that the order is correct.

After the employee goes over the contract with the guest the guest then goes to the registers and pays for this when they also sign at the register saying that the order is correct. Also even if the item was not special order and was returned for $44 less than what you paid then you probably did not have the receipt which results in you getting the lowest sale price that has been offered in the last 90 days. Our return policy is posted on a BIG sign at the service desk when you first walk in the door.

I am soooo tired of *** people getting mad at us because they are to *** to read the box and try to put the blame on us whenever they *** up and order something wrong. The return policy for specific items also prints at the bottom of your receipt which you probably did not read as well.


I am well aware of that. Apparently you are not smart enough to know the difference.

Maybe you should stick to hiring out your future plumbing jobs.

Again,if you really researched them online,you should have noticed what voltage was required. Reading comprehension was never really your strength,was it?


Again, you should stick to "notsayin'" since you obviously can't comprehend simple English and a situation you CLEARY know nothing about. I don't know any "less intelligent" words to use for you, but again, I will try.

The "highly educated"(that means SMART) person working for Menards, told me it was 110. Believe it or not, some tankless, point of use water heaters ARE 110v.

#406992 looked at it online,where it clearly states the voltage necessary,and you still bought the wrong one? Nice work,professor. :roll

#406985 looked at it online,where it clearly states the voltage necessary....and you still bought the wrong one. Nice job,***.


Why did you get a restocking fee for a stock item then? What was the charge for?