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So i came in one day to shop and i overheard some of the employees talking. They were bragging about how they set up a co-worker to get fired.

It was the GMs. Well, i decided to give my opinion, because the costumers are always right. I told them they were *** and that i had them recorded on audio. The gm then told me to leave the store because i was a theif.

So, i left and called headquarters. Well, headquarters sucked even more. Told me i had no business being there.

At that point i told them they are lousy and corporate slimebags. Finally after 30 minutes of bickering, the lady stopped screaming like an ugly hippo in labor, she told me MENARDS could sue me for trespassing,theft,intimidation and loitering.

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Menards sucks alright. My husband got a job when the one in Three Rivers, MI first opened.

When he began they had 3-5 guys out working in the lumber yard.. then they "cheaped out" and it ended up just being my husband, who was expected to stock, unload semis (sometimes right before closing) clean the *** place, and kiss the customer oh I mean "guests'" *** no matter what they did, and the customers were real *** bad. One old geezer tried to club him w/a cane while a boss just watched. The last straw was when some *** came in, deliberately took the wrong stock, and when my husb.

told her to pay for it she said he had an "attitude." Anything a customer says is 1000% right. Management could care less. SO he got a letter for that. Then the main boss (a real ***) told him to help a *** contractor (and they're a real pain the ***) right at closing time.

The thing is the boss "forgot" and locked the place up, 15 minutes later.. so my husband was running around w/a fork lift, and a pissed off contractor outside. He finally texted this fool (boss) and got a letter for that.. *** off this contractor.

He was scared they'd can him, so he just quit... figured it looks better. He got a new job a week later, no small feat since he's older. His blood pressure went down 17 points too, btw.

Menards sells Chinese *** which gets returned all the time too. This place truly sucks!


the costumer is always right is a bunch of bull ***... most of the time the costumer is just an *** hole.


Was it the Kenosha Menards? I was set up and fired.


Well if you "headquarters" all you get is a recording so very nice story but not a single thing about it is true. ***


You had your nose where it didn't belong. Who were you costuming?

That means to outfit somebody in a certain way or style.

The customer might be right in some things, but not in the way you went about it. Besides that you were meddling in manager/employee business.


Whoever is writing these is using a real persons name in a bad way. I know the person who the complainer is posing as, he wouldn't write this ***.