Joliet, Illinois

the menards in joilet sold me a generator that was a display model. they gave me $50 off.

this dam thing wont start , I took back o store and they told me that they did not take anything back w gas in it. that is ***!! now i have to take to a repair shop and it will probably cost me more then the *** 50 off.

this has to be the worst comany and the so calle manager could not say anything but thats policy, thats poilcy, thats policy about 50 times. I felt like jumping over the counter!

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If you are serious about building, Menards is not your partner. They really do not have their act together.

All they can do is shrug their shoulders when you ask why your order isn't in yet. They make it very difficult.


Menards is worthless


Employee or not heartless is right. It's printed on signs by the generators, on the receipt, and on the policy sign at the entrance doors that gas items cannot be returned once gas has been placed inside.

If you take the generator to a service center with your receipt you can get it fixed free of charge from the warranty. If you lost your receipt you can get a copy from Menards if you used a check or card to purchase it or if they put it on an order slip too.


Menards has lousy customer service, and management that just don't give a ***!


Menards management (if you can call it that) is the equivalent of the south end of a north bound horse! :upset


Heartless, I'm assuming you're a Menards employee?

#526307 should not cost you a dime for it to get repaired.....


That is policy. No manager can change that.

There are safety issues with taking back items that had gas in them.

If it's not your fault and still under warranty it will be fixed free of charge. This POLICY IS STATED ON YOUR RECEIPT AND ALL OVER THE AREA BY THE GENERATORS.


What is really funny (in my mind) Is that yes it is policy but at the same time it is almost never followed. So many people interpret the policy and follow it how they wish.

This is all done with the team member or the manager never getting in trouble. Sometimes its so bad from manager to manager at the same store this policy and others will vary. This is a highly corrupt company that im sure none of you have the time for me to get into. Yes it pays the bills to work there but eventually its not about the money anymore.

I do apologize for the problems you had at this location.