Racine, Wisconsin

i don't think menards cares about customers or employees. i'm sorry i know anyone that works there, and will never shop there unless i get some response from menards corporate.

i'm sure that's not going to happen. corp employees dont care about what happens a store level its clear. there is way too much competition and better service out there to let anyone go. I don't feel this company cares about employees at all.

I have shopped at the Racine, WI location since they have been open and before they moved. I see employee treated poorly in the past year and that has been passed on to me the customer.

I'm done with Menards!

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I'm attempting to follow the directions on my receipt," to obtain rebate form go to www.menards.com and download as needed." Well I have nothing to download. So I guess I'll have to return to the store. I'm hoping this won't be all in vein.


Do you live in Racine? Try working/living in Racine.

The graduation rate is barely 60%. What kind of help can you get when the majority of people don't graduate?


The vagueness of this complaint is unreal. seriously, give expamples or something.


I wish you could type so everyone could understand the problem. You don't give yourself much credibility with your literary skills


I will paraphrase for the person sice you are so intellugent. Menards sucks.