Chantilly, Virginia

We shop at the Menards in Holland, Michigan where the store gives us a 10% discount to veterans - the other day we went to the Menards in South Haven, Michigan and when we were rung up - they would not give us a veterans discount - we told them we get a veterans discount from the Menards in Holland but they didn't care and said "We never give discounts to veterans."

We asked for the manager - we waited but he took so long to come down we finally just left.

Really upset my husband a disabled Viet Nam Veteran - we will boycott that store and hope others will too.

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Ive been very disappointed with the service of the Contractor sales in the South Haven Menards.The store itself is nice, but the service is terrible.I will continue to head to Home Depot to see Ed at Contractor sales and his guys darren and jeff. They run a class act and are all about their customers. Even though I have to drive to Benton Harbor,I know they will do all they can to help me stay competitive.


We have spent thousands at Menards in South Haven in the last 3 years. We are done and will never spend another dime!

We ordered counter tops and the first set was the wrong size which was our fault. I called and reordered. They would not let us return the original, which I did not complain. The told me they would put a rush on it.

Over a month later~~we went there and was told it was still not there! I looked and it was on the shelf with our name in BIG letters!!! We got it home and it was NOT cut!!! Called them up and they said it would be ordered ASAP and sent ASAP!!!

Be here not later than 30th or 31st! Got told yesterday it would be there at 5:30pm, or today at 8:00am. They were closing early cause of holiday, so we went at 8:30am to get it. NO COUNTER!

NO TRUCK! Talked to manager, he said we should not have been told that, the truck would not be there till 2 and it might not be on it! We were called at 2:30~~NO COUNTER!!! It is still in another state!!!

We do not know when we will ever have a counter~~I have been without a kitchen sink for over 2 weeks!! have no way of doing dishes in the kitchen!!! Keep being lied to and had to pay another $240.00 to get another piece that I cannot even get my hands on!!!

I am so sick of MENARDS that I cannot even think straight!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!


I just received word that Menards in Bloomington Indiana will cease Military Discounts as of Jan 1, 2011. I will continue to buy items for home improvement but it will be from companies that support the Armed Forces, I.E. Lowes and Home Depot.


I fully support our ventrans, but you cant cry and complain when you dont get a discount. thats pretty bad.


The same thing happened in SE Wisconsin. I was told by the manager that the policy was stopped to prevent discrimination towards it's customers. I then emailed Menards and was told that "We do not discriminate. We charge the same low prices to all without regard to race creed or occupation. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

This was from Ray.....

I have stopped shopping at Menards and will move all of my business to Home Depot and Lowes.

Just last week I bought a dishwasher from Home Depot. It was 10% off sale PLUS my 10% military discount......


Most any store will give a discount just for asking. The comment "We never give discounts to veterans" is uncalled for.

If not veterans?

Makes me believe who they do. 8)


I have been a cop for years and I don't receive a discount. I think my job is pretty important to the security of america. I don't ask for anything but to do my job.


She's obviously made up her mind, so let's just handle this like mature adults.