Lincoln, Nebraska

Since Menards completely changed their stores to be like the Home Depot they are declined in every aspect. The way they have their entrance and exit is ***.

If you park where you are suppose to enter when you leave you have a long walk to get back to your car as it is at the other end of the parking lot. There are many people who just can not make that walk. I don't know who designed their stores but they evidently have no clue about the real world. Also their old stores seemed more customer friendly with a much nicer selection of product.

Low ceilings, good lighting and an overall consummer friendly store - not anymore.

I for one have went back to doing the majority of my hardware, garden store and home updating shopping at our local family owned stores as have many of my friends. I think the Menards and Walmarts of the world are in for some surprises as people tire of these giant unfriendly stores.

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Why the *** does it matter how high the ceilings are? lol.

and the exit and entrance is designed like that to reduce shoplifting, which is a huge problem here. Unless you have a legitimate disability (not obesity). The walk does you some good.

quit being lazy.


Your complaint is about the "long" walk? You are the reason the US is the fattest country in the world.

Maybe the little extra physical activity would do you well you fat *** Your complaint is pathetic, as is your life.

No more potato chips for you! :cry


I hate our new setup too, but we're not as bad as Depot. Our customer service is equally bad now Dennis Dixon has eliminated 2nd assistant managers (A full timer) in every department, but we're a lot more organized.

Granted, you can't see across our stores anymore. They used to be pretty and now they have these huge shelves called mega racking and we keep adding more.

Lowe's might be better than us since they have more payroll, but Depot definitely isn't. Also, quit being lazy and walk.


I am sorry, but no menards is looking like Home depot. Thiere stores are dark, and unorganized.

The high ceilings make it bright and roomy. I understand that your personal opinion is that of a lower ceiling, closer atmosphere is friendlier. but I can tell you, Menards is not going anywhere.

Home Depot and Lowes have closed several stores, and Menards not one. Business is actually only getting better


Park near the exit so your car is right there when you leave. Or, park in the center so you have an equal distance coming and going.

Walking is also very good exercise for anyone. Consider it a blessing in disguise when you have to take a few more steps.

Keeping your health is precious. May the wind always be at your back.