Middletown, New York
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I paid my menards card off of 2500.00 and my bank has verified that it has been paid to them. Now Menards has no record of it.

I do however have the reciept. So I will fight it. So that is why I paid my payment at the store and now they cant find the money I paid. I also paid 85.00 on my business credit card for Menards at the same time and that one is lost also.

Funny my bank took it out and gave it to them and they cant find it.

If its not there tomorrow I will contact my bank and see what I can do on that end. I thought thats why they do electronic checks so it is posted that day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $2585.

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When working for menards my paychecks along with everyone else was always 3 weeks leadtime from the time the pay period ended until you were paid for that week. Sure we were paid every week but the 3 week delayed permited john menard to collect intrest on the $400 or so gross amount of the paycheck. now mulitply $400 times number of employees and even with rock bottom intrest rates it still adds up.

Perhaps menards nurses off the intrest from credit card payments too? Ignore jeffs nonsense about its a differnt company, menards personaly collected your money at the counter and delayed forwarding the money to collect intrest. Just like how menards "rebates internationa" division collects intrest on money you pay advance for rebate items then issues store credit a month later

menards is a scam artist in sheeps clothing


First off, when you make a payment at the store it is only for convenience for you. menards does not make money off your menards card or contractor card.

the company is HSBC which is now being bought by capital one.

you should have your receipt from your payment which would be sufficient records of making your payment to prove to HSBC/Capitol one. Menards would save no records of that since they dont deal with it.