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My Father ( 83) shops Menards 3 X a week. He went into Menards in Glendale Hts, IL 60139 in hgh on 5/29/12 to purchase propane accesories and 2 bags of HVAC zip ties and a hearing aid type battery.

He brought in his old battery to match it up. After making his purchase and exiting the store a undercover security ran up to him and asked him to come back in store. My Dad followed. He was taken to a room and asked to empty his pockets and the guy said he took a battery and didn't buy it.

After a search of my Dad and the battery was still missing. ( Fell out of cart in store) They refused to let my Dad retrace his steps to prove it fell out. The only battery found was the OLD one in his pocket. They made him pay a 150.00 "Civil penalty" charge at the register before releasing him.

Pretty sad that s fecurity chases down senior citizens and scares them into paying Menards a 150.00 fee. If you or anyone you know has had this happen to them I am interested in taking up a class action suit. My father is scared, imbaressed and feels betrayed.

Our family will not shop at Menards any longer. Shame on you Menards.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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This is common policy for them. They are a terrible company.

I wish you well in your lawsuit. I am suing them myself.


Are ya?


with respect to the outsourced security company being responsible, bs. They are an AGENT of the company, the company assumes full responsibility for their actions AND mistakes.

They are also responsible for the actions of all the other employees they have there too!

Because of the severe penalties of WRONGFUL ARREST, most security people will be most certain of what item was pocketed, from which isle etc, which pocket its in. They MUST be correct! if in question, they may ASK but should not detain.

One thing interesting, when asked to stop, IGNORE THEM! you have NO OBLIGATION. If they are a REAL COP they will TAKE YOU IN CUSTODY. Then you should ask 'AM I UNDER ARREST' I ignore those walmart greeters when they ask for a receipt on my way out. I would ignore menards person too. If they feel they have sufficient evidence and they are a real cop, they certainly can make you stop. SAY NOTHING!, just say I want my lawyer and Im not discussing anything with you.... Im I under arrest?

Bottom line, ANYTHING you say or do will not help you. This will be in front of a judge and someone must have evidence (PROOF) like the item itself, witness and or a statement from you at the time (see above!!!!) Most people talk toooooo much. If they do not have 100% evidence the judge is forced to throw it out! thats when you can sue and win large amounts of money. If in fact he is not guilty, get an attorney.....a good one.




thay pulled the same *** on my father it was over some razer blades he never took we sued them for $25,000 and won the judge was pissed and let them know it this was in Aurora IL get a lawer to get the security vidios


Do any of you little kiddies know WHY people over 65 steal? Its because they dont have enough money to eat much less buy batteries or otc medicine.

They probably buy (or steal) otc meds because prescription meds cost too much and they cant afford them. Menards and other stores should be more in tune with what is happening in real life! What would they have done if this gentleman couldnt have come up with the 150.00?

Locked him in the store until he paid? Really!


If you don’t pay they call the police and press charges


The police wouldn't have arrested him because he didn't steal anything. One of the Wackjob security officers probably saw him holding the loose battery in his hand(the one that he took so that he could buy some more of the same size).

And so they assumed that he had stolen it. The police would have let the man go.


They don't "brag" they recognize employees who prevent high dollar thefts. I've never seen a battery prevention in the Memos.

Catching bad people who DO steal thousands everyday from Menards deserves recognition when stopped.

I will say this specific situation is horrible. As an employee it shocks and saddens me, I'm sorry for what your father was out through.

@7yrs strong

I’m in lp at a department store for a little town in Michigan and I sometimes just look the other way when I see a older lady take something small like otc meds. This day an age life is rough. Wish there was more like me.


Many of the elderly we catch shoplifting at our store usually steals batteries or OTC medicine.


I haven't caught many shoplifters at menards red-handed, but each and every one was white and over 50 years old.


I take it the younger ones are too fast for you and they didn't have much product of real value. The people I've caught stealing things like air nailers, power tools and carts of merchandise have been in their 20's and 30's. You aren't doing your job if you are only catching the older shoplifters.


Hate to say it, but senior citizens are the worst when it comes to shoplifting. Maybe your dad didn't, but maybe he did.

You never suspect the elderly of stealing because "they were raised better." But in reality they steal as much or more than everyone else. 4 out of 10 shoplifters I catch are over 65.


If you want to do a class action suit it would be against the outsourced security company not Menards. They are responsable in making the stops not Menards.


I'm not surprised about this. Menards is paranoid about theft.

The only thing that matters more to Menards than Money is catching thieves. They brag about it in their month newsletter.