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1750 12/13/09 called Menards in Sandusky, OH and asked if they carried silicon spray for waterproofing shoes. Personnel told me they do and it would be found in sporting goods.

When I arrived at the store @ 1800 hrs, the greeter asked what I was after, I told her silicon spray. She, informed me I would find

the product in auto. I went to auto and I could not find the product!

Three store personnel were standing around talking to each other and I asked them where I could find silicon spray.

After huddling around the cash register for five minutes they informed me I could find the product in wall papering!! I walked out of the store vying never to return to a Menards

Monetary Loss: $8.

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I agree with Retail Employee. Guest are very rude.

It is all about them. If your helping someone else they can't wait until your done. I work at Menards and a lot of guest are rude. They don't have patients.

A lot of time is people ask me where something is and I don't know they get made and leave. They can't wait for me to radio the department to find out for them. Menards is a big store.

You can't know what every item is and where it is located. If you don't know where an item is in your department then I can understand a guest to be made.


George, apparently the employee didn't know that Menards sells 2x2, 2x4, 2x8, and 4x4 sheets of OSB as well. But, if you are handy with tools and wood working, why can you not cut it yourself? Ask anyone at Lowes or Depot, and they will tell you how much they hate cutting sheets of plywood - if they are honest.

Oh, and unless you are buying #1 grade lumber, or 20' boards, I find it hard to believe you had $500 worth of lumber sitting on 1 cart.


George, sorry that the first person gave you bad info. Menards dont have panel saw stations.

They have a 12" miter saw that they can cut lumber for a charge, but obviously a 12" blade wont cut a 4x8 sheet of osb very well. I agree that the warehouse person you spoke with was inexperienced and unaware of services provided by Menards, but what does Menards not having a panel saw station have to do with Menards inability to control there employees?


i would like to think that Menards could control there employees, but I guess not. I went to Menards in Sterling, Il.

and put about $500.00 worth of lumber on a cart to purchase. Two pieces of O.S.B. needed to be cut in half and the warehouse person told me that it would be cut, at no cost at the panel saw station. I proceeded to that station, where i was told by another employee that "they don't cut panels, even if i pay them".

I left the entire cart of lumber and drove about 40 miles to Home Depot, in Clinton, Iowa where they took care of a of a good customer. With the attitude displayed at Menards, I will continue shopping at there compitition.


I'm sorry, but I work in retail and used to enjoy helping people, but the problem is that people DO NOT want to look for anything themselves anymore. When you try to help someone, they rarely ever listen to what you say anyway.

You know there are signs in the store...I mean this is what signs are also put there for...oh ya, I forgot, people are too lazy to read as well. Customers are VERY RUDE these days....no one even says hello anymore....we always have to be so professional and nice...but get treated like s&#t from our so called "guests". When a business has diplays look at the display to see if you like it or the picture on the box....don't just rip open boxes and leave them....we have alot more to do than just clean up your messes...this is not your property or your home...so don't treat it like it is!

When we are trying to help someone, we are rudely interupted by other customers...who always just have "a quick question" because they cannot wait and it is all about them. So, I'm sorry, if you are on this site complaining abput something that is legit then I understand, but otherwise take a look at yourself as a consumer and how you shop....you DO NOT have my sympathy.


Employee's post is correct. One of those people shouldve taken you back to the wall papering to give it to you.

Unfortunately with a large store like menards multiple items have similar names. Most times when someone asks for silicon spray you will be taken to auto area for silicon spray lubricant. Thompson's waterproofing sealer for boots and such is with the deck sealer which would be near the wall paper.

If you were told it was with the sporting goods on the phone then I wouldve asked the greeter where that area was instead of silicon spray, although I am unfamiliar with menards having a sporting goods section. None the less the greeter you spoke with shouldve made sure of what you were looking for, sorry for the inconvenience.


there is silicone spray in all three of those depts. you should have been more specific once you entered the store.

i'm not saying its your fault, one of the freely available team members should have offered to walk with you to the product until you found exactly what you needed. that's what we do at my store.


Dude they could give a ***, asked for a double sided *** and no response.


Menards store in Sandusky, OH, personnel DO KNOW what the store sells and do not know where products are located and could care LESS to help cash paying customers!!