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I had made a few purchases at menards that I later realized that I did not need to replace the items to fix my problem that I was having. I also had bought a sort of vidoe camera that I realized was already used and had some pieces missing to.

I decided to return these items but did not have reciepts anymore but when called they said could get store credit back. I went to the Fridley Minn menards to return these items and they were very rude and would not return the items and not only that, they kept the stuff and would not give it back to me even though what they were doing is stealing because that stuff was mine and with out proof that I did not pay for the items they have no right not giving me my stuff back. I have emailed them many times asking for the stuff back and they just ignore me. I was told that they only needed to hold the itemsd for few days but it has been almost a year now and they cant even admit that they really have nothing that proves I did take these items and maybe I did buy them.

I would have to say that they have no right keeping my stuff and they are thieves who should have theft charges brought on them and go to jail. I only just want my things back and I will nevere buy anything from them ever again.

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We had the same problem. My husband called me telling me during an exchange/return that they were refusing to give him his item back because he didn't have his receipt on him.

That's stealing and theft to me. I had to dig through thousands of dollars of receipts(he's in construction) to find the right one, while he was on the phone and read them the correct receipt number(a $1200 receipt)to get them to release his merchandise.

However, if we couldn't find the correct receipt they just would have kept it. How is that legal?


the Ankeny Iowa Menards attempted to do the same thing to me. I threatened to call the police if they did not give me my material back.

They said go ahead and so I did exactly that. When the police arrived, they treated me like I was the criminal. I explained to them that I came in with the material and I was going to leave with it and that Menards had no right to hold my property. The officer explained to me that the reason they were holding it was because they had a theft of an item that was similar but not the same.

I replied to him all that doesn't make any sense at all if it wasn't the same item(and still wouldn't have if it was the same item), but that's besides the point I want my stuff and I want to leave. I also told him I wanted to press that charges on them because they had refused to return my stuff for nearly an hour and still were, and about five minutes later he comes walking out with a cart that has my material and says here you go and I said I still want to press charges. The officer replied you can no longer press charges because they gave you back your material. I said so I can go rob a bank and then if I get caught just return it and no harm no foul.

Anyways Menards it is a huge joke,and I seriously considered filing a lawsuit against them for it.then to top things off they filed A document with the police so that I was no longer allowed on there property and was told by the officer that I basically had to sign it otherwise I wasn't leaving. Pretty sure violated every constitutional right I have.

But he said it was not a crime but rather that every business has the right to refuse service and that was all they wanted to do was to have me fill out a piece of paper so they could refuse my presence. all and all it was a nightmare and I wish I would have had a recording device because I would probably be a millionaire.


I believe it, menards *** tried the same *** *** on me. Same fridley store i refused to leave without my item & threatened them that i would call the cops & file a theft report. The y gave me my item & never again will i shop at menards.


Rule number one..ALWAYS save your receipts to important items always this is true for any store because without one, like stated in our return policy, we can only give instore credit to guests without a receipt. Now if you purchased your things with a credit, debit card or a check..

you can visit the instore computer kiosk and search and print any receipt from any purchase with menards within the past THIRTY months I don't know about you but i think this is handy. Not even walmart has a receipt kiosk


I have to agree on this one. Sounds too fishy.

Be honest for God's sake and yours.

Your story isn't making sense. :upset


Admit it. You stole that *** or they would give it back.

Your story for where you bought it was a lie or they would have given it back to you.

Next time you steal something from Menards don't try to return it to a different Menards. Dumba**.


When you come to the service desk without a receipt for an item that is frequently stolen, the service desk cashier has to call the department for them to take a quick count of that product. If the count is off, then Menards takes back the item and writes down all of your information.

They look back through the systems to see if they can find your receipt. If there is no record of your receipt (which probably means it's stolen) Menards keeps the product. If they find your receipt, they call you to come get your product.

That's just the way corporate wants us to deal with it. Menards prefers a receipt for all returns or exchanges anyways, especially something like a camera or appliances.


WTF are you talking about? Total nonsense rant, which you have posted before on other complaint sites, but with returned items different, but dates,etc the same. What is your problem ***!!!