Overland Park, Kansas

Returned $2300 worth of materials the other day. F*ing menards manager calls to tell me he has cancelled the merchandise credit.

He says the item counts are wrong. Never mind the guard, two employees in the yard, a clerk in customer service and a manager all checked and signed the quantities. If their dumb *** employees can't figure out how to return items, they need to fire them all and start over. Finally got the store manager to agree to give me a lessor amount.

Another merchandise credit.

Wonder if it counts as check kiting if someone gives you this and cancels it. If this doesn't all work out, I will find this very "stylish" looking manager who canceled my money and make it my life's work to see him working the drive thru window at Mc Donalds

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you knew what you were returning, you had to have known the prices on the items if you bought them, so you had to have an idea of how much you were getting back. you thought you were getting away with free money, got caught, and now your pissed you got caught!

Makes sense!

how were they the crooks in this again?? go back to working at mcdonalds reply to wow and neo tom paine


Again, why did you NOT have a receipt?????? If you are one of those people that cannot seem to be responsible enough to hang onto them, than use a check or credit card and the receipt can be traced!Problem solved!!!!!!!


evidently you did not under stand that the return was refused because the item counts were wrong. even when they had been confirmed by 5 employees.

just another example of corporate theft. stop idolizing these crooks, they only care about the bottom line or their bonuses.

remember corporations always pick profit over people! javascript:ac_smilie(':x') :x


Ha there is this "wow" person again. Hey "wow' i heard you work at corprate and your job is to reply to all these complaints. Menards must really suck if they have to pay a person to sit there to try and justify the actions of crapy employees and a crapy store.


99% of the time when Menards cancels a MCC it is because it is a suspicious return. I agree this is not the whole story.

I find it unbelievable that someone would try and get a manager fired over following policy he is just doing his job and protecting his store from potential theft (which affects our bonuses). Im sure the manager politely explained to you the full story that your MCC was canceled and you just quit listening because you got your panties in a bunch and couldnt hear him out.


policy is policy there is no reason to be a *** face and try to get someone fired. you can talk to them and have them explain why exactly you can't have your full merch.


and see what you can do to prove that you returned it, and go from there. weary, you're an *** for even mentioning trying to get someone fired when they are only following policy murdered out, you are exactly right, this guy didn't even mention alot of important details.


I agree with the other two. I work for a Menards and there is probably some reason you are not saying or you just don't know because they didn't tell you.


There is ALOT more to this than you are telling. There would have been a reason the manager would have called you and cancelled the credit check.

Sounds to me like you tried to steal from them and they caught you. People only complain when they get caught.


Try contacting your bank about this. Show them your return credit.

If that does nto work, go to the BBB and your local State rep or Congressman.

As a last resort..go after the Mgr and make sure they are fired. Write Menards directly too