Beaver City, Nebraska
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I can not search the Menards statement for a ticket reference. I want to know what each charge on my statement is, but all that is on the statement is a Reference Number.

There is no sku detail. My husband throws away the tickets so I have to go to the store to look up the tickets. This is extremely unhandy for me. All other credit statements I get from other credit card companies have this information.

Very time consuming and unfriendly service. We shop at the Menards in Kearney, ne.

100 words is also frustrating. Why can't you just accept the complaint?

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Credit Card.

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Keeping receipts is the responsibility of the guest. Menards has nothing to do with you billing statements it is HSBC bank.

Menards can not legally access your bill and we do not have access to you bills. The kiosk goes back 30 months so you dont have to make a special trip.


Contact HSBC. Menards doesn't have anything to do with the credit card statements.


Why is it Menards fault that your husband can't keep a receipt?


Have you tried asking your husband to keep the tickets until you get the statement?