Washington, Missouri
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We have been a valued Menards shopper at the poplar bluff store since it opened. We used to drive to cape.

My parents are in the bussiness they spend alot several hundred dollars in there when they come. We where in there a couple of weeks ago not sure why or reason but my son saw that security was watching us. I said nonsense. I forgot about it as we were headed to the front to check out i didnt notice a team of employees were following us.

I did not tell my father tell wewere in the parking lot because he would have gave them a reason to following us. He would have told them a thing or too! If customers cant brouse up and down isles over and over and look and talk. We also got sseparated.

Because we didnt want to look at the same thing. My mom needs double knee surgury so she leans on cart for her . balance. We are talking about 72 year old citzens they had their cart full what did they think they were going to steal.

I thinkyou better get better security my son is better picking people then that.

Im thinking we have burthdays coming up for guys and we spend about 100.00 each i guess home depot will get the bussiness they dont mind that you look and see what you want. Yes pretty pissed off!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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A store has the right to follow anybody. If you really weren't suspicious it wouldn't bother you.

Most times people that notice someone is following them are actually suspicious and tend to watch for employees. Quit your whining and enjoy shopping at depot where you wont find any body to help let alone follow you.