Tampa, Florida

Iam so angry with Menards. I have spent thousands of dollars working on my house I just sold and now the one I just bought. Twice this year I have had some small items left behind. Both times I had purchased something awkward to load in my cart and its ring you up, get your money, and NEXT. I have always praised Menards and go there often but lately it seems Menards doesn't care. I had to pick some things up and I returned something so I thought I would tell them I had not received these items. The customer service young woman got on the two way without communication and was talking in a mumbled voice. There were about 5 people lined up behind me and she waslooking apparently for camera footage for 5 bucks. I told her to *** forget it .Really, you ththink I would blue about 5 bucks.

I decided to talk to the supervisor for the check out section thinking they might care about rushing people through the checkout. I waited for this young woman to end her conversation with another employee which sounded perxo all. She said" well we have to look at the camera because people leave this g all the time". Shouldn't that tell you your system is not customer friendly? She looked at me like the other young woman had looked at Me. There was no empathy for my inconvenience, but like I was dirty laundry that she was going to have to deal with. I could t believe their attitude and I said" I won't be back here". The so called manager shrugged her shoulders as if to say " who cares. ".

I'm 66 years old, I have shopped there since Menards opened. I was in marketing 40 years. You have a major customer appreciation problem. The check out is a problem. The checkers don't even look at you after they get your money. If you areoadibg something awkwRx, who cards. I'm 5 foot tall, I am healthy but I resent handing your store my money and being rushed to get out of the way, then treated like a liar over 5 bucks !!!!!. Any good manager would have some empathy for my inconvenience.

Yesterday I. My gift package I received a 25 dollar Menard gift certificate from my son in Indianapolis. He knows I normally shop at Menards. I'm tossing it. I will not be treated as your store treats me. I have gone to both Loews and Home Depot lately for plumbing parts you don't have and was treated with respect and guess what, they load my cart and have someone outside to load my trunk. You have to look for help at Menards if you need it. Its a damm Shame but Menards will no longer be " my satire". You need serious customer service training!,!! Sue Purviance

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This story sounds fishy, the fact that you DO NOT want them to check the cameras makes me think you were trying to steal the $5 item. Even if this is not the case grow up, own up to your mistake, you are the one that was careless so you have to wait for them to return your item. No wonder your own son cannot stand you that he has to move far from you.


This is ***. Its your responsibly to make sure you have all your items.

Blame yourself for your mistake. Menard's also has to check cameras to see if the product left the store or not. You think they can believe every person that walks through the door? Just because your item was $5 they should just take your word an give it to you?

No! What if one person a day came in an said they left something behind that was $5. Guess what by the end of the week that $5 turned into $35.

Menard's has to look out for themselves to. Maybe next time you should look out for your self.


Considering the rude, sarcastic, and typically irrelevant comments Kevin Richards posts on here 50 times a day I'm sure he knows all about periods since he acts like he's on his 24 / 7.

The mother posting this knows all about it, she is the one on it 24/7. No wonder her son moved very far from her.


You'll really show them by refusing to use that gift card that your son already paid for. Free money for Menards, way to stick it to them! lol


Fortunately for you, there are no Menards in Tampa, Florida. So you have never and will never have to shop there.


The woman stated her son lives in Indianapolis Indiana where there are several stores and was visiting him at the time. Read the complaint fully before jumping to inaccurate conclusions


Maybe you should read again. She did not say she was visiting her son.

She said she got a package from her son. You should read before you comment an sound ignorant.


Shopping at Menards is no different than going to a forcer store where you bag your own groceries. The cashier rings things up and you put them in a bag at the end of the conveyor belt.

In either store you need to make sure you bag every thing that comes your way. If you don't the next person in line may just have some bonus product.

At one point in your post you complain about them trying to answer you complaint while 5 people wait in line but then complain that they don't spend more time with you after your transaction is complete. Doesn't seem like there is anything they can do to make you happy.

Dick Blazer

So you want the lowest prices, the best service, and always happy people? This is life lady.

Nothing is always perfect.