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Went to Menards at 120th and dodge on september 14 2015. While looking in the cleance aisle I slipped in HUMAN *** and fell down.

As i was getting up a store employee walked by smelled the *** and kept walking.

This is the most disgusting thing that has happen to me. Who *** in an aisle at MENARDS? And why wasnt it picked up when a employee walked rite by me looked at my face and keep walking.

I will never go to another MENARDS again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The employee was probably embarrassed because you smelled like ***..... You expect an employees to notice the turd right away, yet you are the one who stepped right in it.

Probably karma for being such a ***.

Its also good to know you would just scoop the *** up in a box. Forget the policies and latex gloves, let's just scoop it up with a box off the shelf.


Sorry, but the average employee isn't allowed to clean up human waste. This would be considered hazardous material and would require a store manager who has been trained in hazardous waste to clean it up. Perhaps the employee was headed off to find a store manger to clean it up.


Human waste is not a bio hazard. Of course no one would grab it and play with it like play dough, but what do you do when an infant , or a pet dog has a B.M.??

Leave it lay forever and ever until someone else comes along? The process for disposing of the B.M. is common sense and very straight forward. The employee would have to pick up an empty box from a display shelf or cardboard cart and scoop or slide the B.M.

into the box, then dispose of the box and contents directly into the trash compactor in the rear of the store. Next step would be to wet mop the "crumbs" from the B.M. with a mop, bucket, and soapy water with bleach. Personally if I was in the situation id even grab a new basic mop off the store shelf and the dispose of if after cleaning up the "crumbs".

In this case however the employee lacked any form of motivation and common sense and instead choose to walk right past the situation.

As far as the source of the B.M.

it could be a angry employee trying to get even, customer with a emotional disability, elderly customer with memory loss, or considering people who use fake ADA dog tags, it very well could of been a unauthorized family pet who left the B.M.

In any case shame on the employee and the staff in general for lack of motivation.

@Mister Customer

Actually, yes, you do need specialized training to clean up human waste according to OSHA. So the random employee who stops to do whatever procedure he has made up in his mind is risking his job by ignoring safety protocols.

Or, given that the author slipped in *** (how do you walk around without knowing you're stepping on things?) perhaps the employee thought the person who slipped simply smelled horribly (yes, that happens a lot in jobs where you have to deal with the public).


I've been telling people for years that Menard's is a 5hitty place to work. Seriously though, that's disgusting.