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I took my kids to Menards to pick out a live Christmas tree. We decided on a Scotch pine; it was dark and the lighting in the garden area is not bright.

When we got it home, I was picking up needles and noticed they had a plasticy feel to them. Upon further inspection, I saw green spray paint on one side of the tree trunk and some of the branches. I even found some flakes where the paint had flaked off the needles. The tree is very dry.

In past years, the first few days after purchase, our live tree would drink lots of water.

I looked at the water level of this tree from Menard's today and it is at the same level as when I put water in it last night. I am disgusted; my kids are disappointed that we have a spray painted live Christmas tree.

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I sold trees in my front yard for fun. Just like tree grower said white pine and scotch pine are colored.However - Douglas are not, Fraser are not.

It is not spray paint it is a water/dye combo that is applied a few months prior to cutting. This is due to a drop in chlorofil in the leaves/needles durring dormancy. I did this work for seven years.

If you did not place a fresh cut on the trunk and immediatley place it in water you will have the problem you described. Scoth are by far the biggest sap producers.


There is a year warranty on all the trees if you are displeased take it back. but i work there and there is no fake to our live trees... so I dont know what you were dealing with but we would be more than happy to fix it for you.


That was very informative! Thanks for enlightening me about this.

I never knew any of this.

Very interesting.

A Michigan granny.


Christmas tree is correct. You'll need a fresh cut on the bottom of that tree in order for it to drink water.

Also, regarding the paint, it is an industry standard among tree growers to paint white pine, scotch pine and Douglas for with a green spray paint. These trees turn a lime green color during winter dormancy instead of maintaining a pretty green. Daisyjoe if you'd like a tree that is more natural and not painted try a Fraser fir.

They hold their beautiful color throughout the winter. Menards carries those too!


Cut the bottom trunk of the tree off. About an 1" or so. The bottom is sealed on those trees.