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The Menards policy on special orders, (order which are delivered from offsite) is blatantly one sided. The policy places any issue or problem in the buyers tough luck category.

If Menards is late on delivery you have no recourse, but if you are late picking up they with liquidate your purchase(resell with no recourse). If their workers damage the goods, again too bad. If they lose it , sorry too bad. Wrong item, error on their part, again sorry.

You have no recourse once you sign the 'contract' and may I add pay in advance for this VERY VERY poor service. I don't think there is a way Menards could make their service worse even if that was their objective.

They are the worst.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

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On the special order contract it does say that the date is an estimated date given to Menards by an outside parties. As for the reselling of merchandise, they give plenty of notice.

(yes I work for Menards I'll be honest. I don't like working for the company but times are tough.) At my store, we still have merchandise from March of 2011 waiting for guest pick up.

If an item is damaged and it is our fault, we do offer a % off the purchase price, if the guest decides they don't want that, we reorder at no cost to the guest and ask the manufacturer if they can rush the order so the guest is not inconvinced more. I'm not sure if that's the same at every store, but it's my belief and experience that at my store makes sure the guest is taken great care of.


I think grey beard works for menards corp. offices.

Seems to be posting on all the meanrds complaints with some sort of nasty comment towards the consumer not the *** business practices of menards. Who by the way has the worst customer service out there.


If you read the order form, you should know this. If you don't like it, you can always go somewhere else, it's a free country.