Cincinnati, Ohio
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Menards customer service ONLY communicates via US Mail. I sent in all the details two weeks ago and just received a copy of a letter that they sent to the door manufacturer, asking them to contact me about the issue.

This could have been done in a day, via phone or email. None of the paperwork has ANY phone numbers.

I just know we are going to get screwed on this.

DO NOT buy any special order doors or windows from Mernards. You. Do not have any recourse if something is not correct.

Now we are stuck with a warped door that does not seal properly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

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What happens when the phone calls are made and they say a new door is being shipped out and it never shows? I bet you would wish that they had done it on paper so you don't have to go through the hassle of reexplaining again? Sounds like accountability and keeping a legal record to keep the manufacturer honest to me.


Again another expert from menards! don't buy from menards or mastercraft, they sell ***


If you special order a product such as doors or windows, you can return it! The policy of mail with the manufacturer is the manufacturers policy.

I work at a Menards and we have called manufacturers on behalf of customers however some only do mail, and some only do email.

We have taken back special order products.


You can only return special order products if they have not been installed. We did not realize the door was warped until after it was installed.

Now we'll over a month after I wrote my first letter, of complaint, and several back and forth communications all via US postal service, MAstercrap is going to send a new door slap to the a Menards store.

Again...Never buy a special order door from Menards. The customer service and support are horrific.


So the warranty process worked and they are sending you a new door. Why are you still acting like a ***? You are getting the replacement door you wanted.


Hey, I had the same problem! Menards sent out a sales rep and did a paper test on the sill and looked over the clearances all around.

Everything was good! Put a hose on the outside of the door to see why water could get through the weatherstrip, video taped the water test. All was bad! Showed the video to the store manager, he told the rep to not show it to anyone, How about that?

Keith Clevenger the Anderson Indiana manager is a poor excuse for customer service!

I will never darken the doors at the Anderson store again after that customer treatment. By the way " DO NOT" buy mastercrap doors, they are defective from the factory with NO recourse.


Have you installed the door? Most people who think their door is warped didn't take the time to plumb and level the door as it was installed.

If you just put it in the opening and nailed it to the studs, they may be what is warped causing the door to appear to be warped as it doesn't seal properly.

You will find that is what the first thing the manufacturer will check as improper installation is not covered under warranty. If the door truly is warped I'll bet they replace it.


It is installed correct by a contractor. The plumb test show.

Over. 1/4 inch difference from top to bottom.