Minneapolis, Minnesota

Menards sold me material they new was not what I asked for. I was trying to by decking , I told them I need material to be 1 /2 in thick they told me they what I need.

I did question the picking list when he gave it to me it said 1 1/4 thick but he said something about that was what I wanted. I had the cut a little of of the pieces to fit where I needed.

Anyway the wood ended up being 7/8 thick and they would give my money back because it was already cut. I am a single parent trying to do things on my own,I will never return to Merands, I will go past it from now on to go where else.

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Our decking in 1 1/4. Anything is unsafe.

If you wanted to use something, get a treated 1x since they are actually 3/4 thick. Have fun with your dangerous deck smart one.


Now you butt out, hustler, the only time you come out of the ground is when you smell a profit.


No such thing as 1/2" decking bud


Decking that is 1/2 in. thin would be very dangerous to walk on.

A heavy person or a group of people may break the board and fall through if its not thick enough. Did you find 1/2 inch decking this thin anywhere? A safe and sturdy deck should have joists 16 on center and decking at least 7/8 inch or more thick. You should give them another chance to see you get the right item for your project.

Props on being a single parent. Thats something to be proud of.