Jefferson City, Missouri
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I purchased a Taco pump from Menards in Jefferson City MO on November 18, 2010. Took it home and it did not work.

I took it back the next day and they refused to return, refund or exchange it. I took it to an electric shop where they said the impellers were bad. I have written to Menards, their "Hydro-Smart" partner and had to send the pump to them on my dime of course. They are rude when you call, the same person is never available and after talking to them again I was told that the pump was bad and they were sending me a replacement.

Never received it and can't get my money back so to date I am out over $100. To date I have made over thirteen phone calls and have written six letters.

So much for customer service! Do not buy anything from them that is electrical or mechanical that might need to be returned!

Monetary Loss: $109.

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I sent in a rebate from Menards. Did not receive my rebate.

Contacted Menards and was told to e mail rebate international and got no where.

Contacted Menards again I was told they couldn't help me.i think Menards need to find a new rebate company.think I'll. Shop at a different store

@Bob c

Rebates International is a Menards company run by Menards employees.


I have never had problems returning anything. Your not telling the whole story


*PLEASE do not go to menards! I'm a contractor also and you must listen to my story because I have been a loyal customer of menards for many years until the other day.

They rudely attacked my wife and called her a thief and all kinds of embarrasing things at the BLAINE, MN menards. I was on a job and told her to bring some things back. I put the wrong reciept in the bag and they ambushed her like a bunch of crazy mad people. I called the manager and rang his *** and he acted like he had no idea what I was talking about.

They are a very bad place to deal with.

Please, save yourself some trouble and dont go there. Blaine, menards


Just an update. I am STILL waiting for my refund.

I did have the receipt in hand also when I took the pump back the day after I purchased it. Add on I have also written another letter.

You get this real cute generic letter back and I have noticed that their "customer service rep" NEVER gives out her phone number. If anyone has a phone number that would be better I would live to have it!


Never had trouble with returning any items to Menards with my receipt. Or Looked up at store on card.

Have had to return several items for whatever reason. Also, using the rebates is cash in your pocket.

I use them all the time for items I actual need or use and in turn just keep turning them around or use them for a bigger ticket item I may be buying. If done wisely this is yet another way to save $$$.


Some of this stuff doesn't make any sense. They send requisitions through two departments to get procurements for a third. What kind of thinking is that?