Nashville, Tennessee

I recently picked up a pallet of retaining wall bricks at the Sandusky Menards and the fork driver smashed my wheel wells. Zurich Insurance did their version of an investigation and came to the conclusion that menards was not at fault.

I stood there next to my truck and said that the pallet would not fit and the driver pushed it anyway. Guess what the driver said when they asked him about it?

"I don't recall anything like that happening" The kicker is that I have spent thousands of dollars at that store and this is what I get. Good thing there is a Lowes and Home Depot in town.

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I went to Menards at The back with my truck and the guy loading the stuff drops the stuff and damaged all my back door of my truckand still today they dont want to pay for it... I say forget Menards worst place ever.


Part of the problem is you are shopping at a store that dosent care about its customers or how much money you have spent there. These stores also hire dumb@##es to work there in almost all levels, loaders to managers.

You are just a number to them.

Same results would have probably happened at home depot or lowes. I've worked for over 15 years at a real lumber yard that deals heavily with contractors and this type of thing almost never happens.


You are crazy. I am not a dumb *** and I work for Menards.

Watch what you say before you call someone a name. I have a very successful full time job and I am probably smarter than you.


Years ago, my car was run into by a forklift while parked in the drive-in lumberyard at a Menards. I was down the aisle a bit picking some wood when that happened.

Menards filed a claim, I was paid for the damage, no drama. So take that as a counterpoint.


Figures some 8 dollar an hour bone head denies he damaged your truck. Don't trust any of those working for Manards. They are the bottom of the barrel, fer sure.


Well, serves you right then!


This is all way too common. I was a load builder at the Menards in West Milwaukee, Wi.

Ive seen so many "so called" accidents that people will report in an attempt to collect dollars. Pathetic.


any time most employees make mistakes they own up to it most people that make mistakes at a place of business blame the business why is that??????


Thast's funny


I am a receiving manager at a Menards. I cant tell you how many times I have seen the same old sap story when a guest makes a feeble attempt to blame the forklift driver or employee loading their vehicle for them.

One of my own guys whom has worked here for 4 years no accident or mistakes on record with Menards, and after the lazy *** guest and his two buddies watched him load up 987 belgian brick pavers into their van they wanted to attempt to make Menards pay for a dent on the inside of their boss' van rear door since the dumb *** peeled out of the yard at 45 miles and hour in reverse towards the gate guard and some bricks hit it when he slammed on his brakes. Guests are *** dumb!


Was that your insurance, or Menards' that came out?


Probably recked your own truck beforehand and are trying to get Menards to pay for it. Even the insurance company sees thorugh your scam.