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I had a return and waited in the line for 5 or 6 min. while the employee just stood behind the counter doing nothing.

I asked if there was another place to go for returns and she said no I would just have to be patient. I waited a little while longer and left to go to the service desk. The lady there did take my return, but explained that the return desk employee was probably waiting for a manager to sign off on a refund that was over $100. They need to revise the policy.

There were 4 customers waiting to return items for refunds while the employee stood there doing nothing, waiting for a manager. I was so annoyed that I called and talked to Patrick, the manager.

He confirmed their policy, but I argued it is terrible customer relations and absolutely NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. They have 5 or 6 registers open to take your money quickly when making a purchase, and barely 1 register open to take care of returns!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

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If you turned around at the service desk where you return things, there is a kiosk that will print out ALL of your receipts from ALL of your purchases that you used a credit/debit or Menards card to make that purchase. So there's no excuse if you lost your receipt. Like the one comment said, do your *** homework and LOOK at your product before you even get it to your car.


booohooo cry about it i hate people like you always crying about waiting a few mins to return something its not the girls fault maybe you should wait outside the store for the jerks that go in there and steal stuff thats why there is a policy! but whatever we do not know anything!

i never go into a store to complain about *** *** like this. go into a store buy something or just stay home if you cant find anything else with life but to complain about waiting a few mins at a service desk!


Love the buy it and bring it back attitude. Do your homework before the purchase and for all things holy save your reciept that is your job not the stores.


Truthfully i understand your frustration but the people at the store dont make the policies. People alot higher up in the company make them and for the registers comment, Duh.

They have on average 2 service registers and 10 checkout ones.Thats a 1/5 ratio, guess what same thing with Walmart except they have 4-5 service ones and thiry or so registers.

that makes a 1/6 ratio. Stores pretty much run the same way people


Not to mention that making returns there are a total hassle. I had to return something there once and did not have the receipt.

I had changed banks so did not have the debit card I had made the purchase on and even though I could prove they carried the product and the price of said product, they refused to return it.

I am in the process of a major remodel at my home and I will ONLY shop there if Lowe's or Home Depot does not have what I'm looking for. They are a last resort

Bernice Fu