Chicago, Illinois
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The clerk didn't ring up my countertop so the order didn't get placed. The sink basin I picked out in store (undamaged) showed up with *** in it. The sales staff seemed to want to do their jobs professionally, but management gave the impression they don't care how bad they are messing up your order (regardless of ticket price, mine was 1500) or if you will ever do future business with Menards, I had planned around $10000 in flooring, but I think I will check out Lowes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Dear thief,

We have one less problem without you

Thank you,

Menards staff


I assume you took several invoices to the cashier and she missed scanning one of the pages. Most people would have an idea of what they are spending and would wonder why their total came up short of what they had expected.

Either you would ask why or perhaps hoped they hadn't charged you for something and were getting a deal. Unfortunately in this case the special order countertop had to be paid for before it was ordered so you didn't get it free like you were hoping.


Well as you are obviously a Menards rep. I'll start off by saying thanks for calling me a thief!

And no I did not have an idea of my total before hand and I didn't pay any attention to the total, just swiped my card. And my problem is more with how Menards managment conducts business than anything. They simply don't give the impression that they care that your there or will ever return.

As you assuming i am a thief just proved! Thank you!


Is what you are saying is that if you had been charged twice for the countertop you would have just swiped your card without question as well? If that's the case I would advise a little more caution in the future as mistakes can happen resulting in overcharges as well as the undercharge you experienced at Menards.


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