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Drove to Duluth Mn Oct. 30 .i wanted to buy a 28'' snow blower but it wouldn't fit in my car. Before I bought it I asked at the Service desk if they would keep it until I could return on Nov.26. I was given assurances that my blower would be set aside for me and I could pick it up at door#11 on Nov26. I further expressed how important it was that the snow blower be here for me when I returned and asked them to put my name on it.

Given more assurances, I paid for the snow blower in full.

I rented a trailer and drove back to this store on Nov26 as agreed. They had re sold my snow blower and every one like it in that store and the other two local Menards. I was really upset. The same girl was working behind the service desk and she clearly remembered me. She agreed that she had promised my blower would be kept for me. She seemed concerned and offered to see what she could do to get me a comparable machine. She was unable to do so. The store manager was called. He was extremely unconcerned what had happened. He kept saying store policy was to hold presold merchandise for only one week. I had already been told by the floor clerk 3 weeks and the dept. manager that they held stuff for 2 weeks. They need to get their stories straight. No matter, I said. I had made special arrangements for an extension with their store representative at the service desk. Plus I personally know of people who have left merchandise long past their 1/2/3 week 'policy'. It was obvious that the store manager had no interest at all in standing by Menards advertised customer service and satisfaction claim. He told me I could come back if and when they got more in stock. He tried to sell me a more expensive model. Every option he came up with would have cost ME more money but it wouldn't cost his store one cent. He made no offers of compensation. He only offered a very insincere apology after I told him I was taping our conversation. I had paid $799 plus tax for the blower. I received an 11% rebate coupon at menards. Their 30'' blower was available for $849. In order to settle the matter I offered to pay $50 for the larger model however they said they would only credit me with 89% of my original purchase. I agreed providing they applied the 11% discount to the $849 model. I had made the first purchase during their 11% off sale so I felt it was only fair that I still get the discount. The store manager said no. That sale was over so I wasn't entitled to receive any discount. At this point I realized that this guy had no interest at all in doing anything to make me happy. They refunded my money less the 11%. I went to Home Depot down the road and bought a snow blower.

Menard has NO problem selling the same merchandise twice. Even if they promise to keep it for you they will disregard computer inventory and grab whatever sales they can while hiding behind 'store policy' no matter how confused their employees are about the actual time frame. It's just an excuse to be greedy. Ive been in touch with Menard s head office but as yet they haven't bothered to acknowledge me. How can they falsely advertise that they care about customer service and treat me like that? Shame on them. I have literally spent thousands of dollars at this store but they'll never get a penny more from me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am wondering why if you knew that you were going to drive to get a snow blower, why didn't you just rent the trailer in the first place. That would have solved the problem before it happened.


I didn't drive down there to buy a snowblower on Oct. 30.

I saw that it was on sale so I wanted to take advantage if the sale price. But I only had my car.

That's why I didn't have a trailer on the first trip. Do you see now why I was so upset?


You shouldn't have been told it would be there. Right on your involve it says to take it with you today.

The store manager was very shortsighted in not accepting your offer to pay the $50 difference in price. He had the authority to take care of the situation.