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I am a local reputable roofing contractor in Wisconsin. I usually order most all materials from a specialty construction supply company, as they are knowledgeable about the products, applications, and other materials needed for the roofing project.

I seen an advertisement about the made in U.S.A. sale which Owens Corning Duration Premium dimensional shingles were on sale for $24.98 per bundle, which is a great price, considering I pay $33.00 from my supplier. I was told that the materials would arrive the following week, 3 weeks later still no shingles.

Then the shingles finally arrive without the cap & ridge shingles, which took another 2 weeks to arrive. Menards needs to stick to selling screws, candy, and 2x4's, not roofing material.

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To the Menards employee, it was not the vendors fault, the incompetent menards employee that ordered the product did not order the materials correctly. Then when the order was recieved at the distribution center, they excepted the order as complete, so NO IT IS NOT THE VENDORS FAULT.

I can tell by the hundreds of complaints against menards, they have a habit of incompetence. Sounds like Menards has some strict hiring guidlines for their employees' NOT.


Ever thing about the fact that it is the vendor's fault and not Menards. How do you expect them to get them in for you if Owens Corning is on backorder. Think about the big picture first.


you are right, Menards is suck.


That wasn't supposed to make any difference to me, but it did.