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I was just at Menards purchasing a shelf a five tier shelf there were four guys standing there and I could not get them help to pick it up to put it in the cart this lovely older lady came over to help me I think her name was Shannon she called out twice to the four guys at standing there to help us and none of them replies one of them I seen regularly that's always there and he never ask me how I'm doing never ask me if I'm finding what I'm looking for he always walk past me. I always have good service at menard .but today was the worst I was on my way to work I had a suit on I did not want to get dirty I'm and I have to pick up a that's to put into a cart with that older lady .i am very very disappointed. Grateful to that lady for helping me next time I go I'll bring my husband to help me cuz I'm not looking for help from none of them there is nobody there are very helpful but the last two weeks I spend over $2,000 there I know 2000 and your money is a little bit but to me it's a lot of money I work retail and that's really bad service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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stop complaining do they also fill your cart at the grocery store? If you need help perhaps u can grow up and ask for it ! ( hello can you please help me) this is why America is going to *** everyone wants someone else to hold there hand


Unfortunately harnessing the power of psychics has yet to happen. Tell my 2 yr old same thing all the time....If you need something then ask.

If you have a problem then speak up. Take care of your stuff yourself. No one is going to baby step you through life.

Life will be soo much smoother for you. You're welcome.


Where in their advertising do they say that they provide superior customer service to anyone else? They advertise low warehouse prices, not customer service.

The whole idea is that you go in and take it off the shelf yourself, just like a super market.

If you needed help you should have had them ring it up for pick-up in the lumberyard. Then there would have only been 2-3 guys standing around talking.


Menards is a self service store do go service yourself. Employee social discussions always superseed physical labor, especially when one of the hot cashier girls walk by.

Next time if you need us to help bring your daughter in a low tank top and I'll give her my full attention.


Stop complaining uselessly and start buying from someone else. As long as people keep filling their stores they don't care if you get service or not, and no amount of complaining is going to do anything as long as they are rolling in cash.

Hit them were it hurts. Stop giving them your money!