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I AM A PERSON WITH A DISABILITY PROBLEM , I WAS SO happy my daughter was going to take me to Menards as I could not go alone I was so upset that all menards had was 2 wheelchairs for disable persons

no riders carts . If I would of went alone I would not have been able to shop . How can a huge business as menards cannot afford scooters for the disable do you think we want to just stay home , we do remodel our houses and do need to see what we are buying.

shame on you menards

shame on you ! I will tell everyone I know, don't give me the bs about well that the carts were taken i ask 5 people that worked there and they all said no carts at all.


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Why don't you just use disability check, buy yourself a personal scooter, and geta write-off. Oh yea, Sue Those bastards.......


how about checking out your english language skills.... proof reading is always a plus


Here's the thing: If you ACTUALLY need a scooter per an actual disability, then I am sorry. The problem is that 99.9% of the people that come in wanting a scooter don't need it.

It's teenagers, fat people, lazy people, etc. that want them almost every single time. It's ridiculous the number of times we get yelled at because a fat lady or guy couldn't waddle their *** around our store, but they'll gladly take the time to yell at every single person they can find about it. The disabled people that come to the store are generally good, humble people.

They don't try to cause a ruckus, and because of that several of us do everything we can to help. I spent well over 2 hours the other day walking ever department, almost every aisle with a gentleman who needed a scooter to help him, and I loved doing it. He completely understood why we couldn't have scooters at our store and was disgusted at the people who would take them and didn't need them just like the rest of us were.

I'll break my back to help this gentleman everytime he comes in because he's a good guy. These fat people who come in yelling at us because they're lazy can kiss my ***.


i happen to blame god


man, i envy you, what a post, i never thought of attacking the guy because he was fat or a cripple, you are now my new hero. i especially liked the little debbies remark.

you hit food and booze, what if he was a smoker and blamed the cigarettes, it is not his fault that he has to drag around an oxygen tank, jeez, everyone knows it is the cigarette makers. you are all a bunch of losers.


Menards is required to provide an accessible environment for all those who choose to shop there. The ADA prescribes what accessibility is, such as degree of slope to the floor, location of lightswitches, The amount of room required to fit a wheelchair into a bathroom stall. It does not say that the proprietors of a business are required to provide a means of conveyance within the building. When you go to the post office, there is not a long line of shiny wheelchairs waiting to transport the tired, the poor, the huddled masses throughout the building, but you can be certain that you would be able to roll your crippled *** into any post office in the country, because the laws are in effect to include all persons, not to make special concessions a single unfortunate group.

If you had said that you were involved in a freak forklift accident and Menards gave you the defective electric wheelchair from that Seinfeld episode, than I'd feel bad as you rolled down that big hill, but since Menards probably didn't cause your disability, I promise to make sure that the automatic door gets turned on every morning at the store I work in.

And if your "disability" is morbid obesity, and you have the nerve to complain about Menards not having a wheelchair for your fantastically huge butt, than I will be going to your trailer and personally taking away all of your Little Debbie snack cakes, and the industrial size vats of gravy you slather on everything and replacing them with a pack of rice cakes and a carrot. Then I will tell Richard Simmons about you, so that you will have to sweat to the oldies with that crying freak show in shorts.

I hate it when fatties blame the food, and winos blame the booze. You're fat because you eat, and a drunk because you drink. Its your fault.

Sorry, I got a little off topic there. Just go out and buy your own darn wheel chair so that you can go into any store in the country and not have to depend on the kindness of strangers.


whoops, didn't mean to have two "imaginables" in there.


menards is only required to be accessible to those with disabilities, not to have every imaginable transportation assistance device imaginable at your disposal.

moreover, how the heck do you normally get around? do you walk, , ride a scooter of your own, or a wheelchair??

it doesn't make sense. i figure if you can get to the store a certain way, you can get around inside that store in the same fashion.


Tell me how you couldn't shop. They have wheelchairs, that's all you need!!!

Thats like me saying how dare a car rental service only have a toyota for me to drive, i want a Bentley.

You didn't NEED a scooter, you WANTED one. Next time suck it up and use the wheelchair.