Saint Louis, Missouri

Menard's is a great store. I have had enjoyable experiences every time I go.

I love the new store they opened in Columbia, MO. I have noticed that many customers are always B****ing to the management and it makes me mad. People are so rude to retail workers, it actually blows my mind. Policy is policy and just because people can scream, doesn't mean they are going to get their way.

If you are one of the *** people (usually overweight black women) I'm always seeing, grow up and quit being so entitled.

-Happy Menard's customer.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Exactly! my number one pet peeve it trying to be an *** to get what you want, all it does is make a scene.

I work at menards, and all i does is make me want to help you less. The entrance that nikalseyn is talking about is actually the exit it does suck that we can't have carts there but if we did we would have more theft.


I get sooo sick of hearing you idiots *** that you wish Menards would just give you a sale price and skip the rebates!! The items ARE on sale, PLUS you will get store credit back if you mail in the rebates!Honestly, how friggin hard or time comsuming is it to put something in an envelope and mail it???

Many people save their rebates and get hundred of dollars of products free.

Who else offers this??For all the *** out there, there are hundreds of people who are more than happy with the rebate system, as I am!!!! Quit bein lazy whine ***!!


Menards has some good products,but their rebate program stinks. Once in awhile you get (Menard Money)..but many times you don't get it period.

I wish they would just drop the rebates & sell at a fair price.


probably will never happen because they make so much money with their rebate SCAM.I like Sams...Lowes...Meijers and Walmart. They just have fair prices with very few rebates.


Menards has carts at the entrances. They do not have carts at the exits. If you feel you have to walk in the exit door don't expect to find carts there.


I like Menards as they have alot of things I like. I also dislike Menard's because: 1.

they never have any carts at any entrance other than the one entrance or at the lawn center one. If I need something near the middle entrance, like a large bag of bird seed, I am NOT going to go in the entrance with the carts as that it one heckuva walk just to get to the bird seed. It is much, much closer to just go in the mid entrance. I have but one leg and I fail to understand why they would have this kind of set-up.

There certainly is alot of room for carts at all entrances. Also, 2. Menards has some good prices on products, but when you look, you see it is AFTER their *** mail in rebate. I refuse to do this nonsense and thus their "sales" are useless to me.

I just go to Meijers, Home Depot, or wherever and buy what I need, even if it costs more than the "sale" at Menard's. 3. In the Menards in my area, you will NOT find anyone to ask a question of most of the time. I swear, they are all on perpetual break.

I wonder how and when they stock the store. Must be the night shift.


I couldn't agree more. If you don't like the policy then don't shop there.

Its that simple. Not to mention shouting and throwing a tantrum while get you no where.