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This problem all started on Oct 8, 2006 when I went to Menards in Terre Haute to buy a dishwasher. I bought a Display model because it had the features that my wife & I wanted and the price was good 399.99 SKU # 451-5732 sold by Megan. I bought it went home and installed it and let it run thru 1 cycle to make sure there were no leaks, and it made a horrible girding sound that you could hear all over the house. I removed it and took it back. A salesman Name Dan told me that this unit should have never been sold, it was already installed once and had a problem it needed service. So I did not say anything but was aggravated due to the time I was out. So we bought the model down brand new in a sealed box SKU#451-5655 and brought it home and installed this one. It worked great until Aug 2007. It started making noise, girding just like the last one. So I dug out the Receipt and called the 1-800 number for whirlpool. They ask me for Model number and serial number, I was able to find the model number on the invoice but the serial number was not on the dishwasher. So the lady at whirlpool told me it would be on the inside on the left, it was not. So she said she would go ahead and dispatch the service person from A & E Repair and the tech will get it. When the tech got here he could not find any numbers at all on the unit and told my wife that without the serial number they don’t get paid for warranty work and told my wife to call Menards to get the serial number. Today I went to Menards with all my invoices to show proof that I got the dishwasher their .I spoke with Shawn, from that dept. When I showed Shawn all the paper work he said he would call whirlpool and get this fixed and he would call me. He called me back and told me that they can’t do anything about this, and I will have to pay for the work performed on what should be under warranty. So I called Whirlpool to see what they could do for me, Amanda, told me Menards should have all the info I need. So I go back to Menards and ask to talk to Bill the store manager, when he came out I showed him all the invoices and pictures of the dishwasher that had no serial number on it. He told me he would call to see what he could do. I ask him for an exchange since the invoice said in big letters (Allowable returns for items on this receipt will be in the form of an in store credit voucher if the return is done after 01/06/07) and I was told no on returning this. Today is day 2 of fighting this. I went back to Menards because Bill told me on the phone last night he would only give me an in store credit for $40.00 and give me $20.00 off of anything else. So I went in this morning to tell him a store credit won’t do me any good unless I could purchase a service man at Menards, since I’m not looking to buy anything. I’m still out the money to fix a dish washer that is still under warranty. And all Bill could say was if I had sent in the little warranty card I would have known sooner that the dishwasher didn’t have the serial number on it. Not even I’m sorry there’s
nothing I can do. So by this time I’m not a happy camper, $429 for a dishwasher that lasted 10 months that is under warranty yet I have to for any repairs. So I said a few choice words about where he could stick his store and Bill told me to “Get the *** out of this store” So I left and went home to wash dishes by hand while my $429 investment set beside me.

Jerry Hankins

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The warranty is through the manufacturer. Not Menards.

Cry a river and wash your dishes in it.



je rry hankins is a cry baby ***




Last time I checked it was the responsibility of the manufacturer to put serial numbers on their products not the store selling it. And why would the store have that information on file?

If it's on the INSIDE of the product that would mean they would have to open every single one and write it down. Sounds to me like Whirlpool is the one jacking you around in the first place but the manager of the store should have let you exchange it especially with a receipt.