Truckee, California
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Purchase carpet in June 2010. Had it professional installed $600 the next day discovering that dye-lot did not match.

I purchased carpet off the roll not remnants. I went to Menards and asked for a refund - they said tear it out and bring it in and they will give me new carpet. They will NOT pay for the labor. Why would I have to pay for the tear-out and re-install?

They admitted it was their fault but, making me take the hit of a additional $600.

I filed a claim with BBB against Menards but they do not care because they have a F rating already. Menards just doesn't care:)

Monetary Loss: $1085.

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I call B.S. Menards dose not have any California Locations.


The Better Business Bureau are frauds they take money to make their ratings. it was on 20 20 or 60 minutes some show like that.


one of the comments stated that the carpet was not defective, which could actually be incorrect. I have had carpet manufacturer(s) rep confirm that the dye color was inconsistent from one side of the roll to the other, which resulted in the appearence that the carpet was from a different dye lot, or that it had been laid with the grain or weave in opposit directions.

The Manufacturer sent out a technician to re-dye the carpet (20,000 SF) in place. Apparently the fibers are positively and negatively charged to acept or repell dye, therfore the fibers will only accept the color intended.

So the primary color can be re-dyed with out affecting other flecks of color that may be in the carpet. so i can't be sure the carpet was not defective, or if it's just another person trying to make up for there screw up.


Yet another misinformed i-d-i-o-t!!

A.) If your carpet came from multiple rolls, there will be a dye lot difference.

B.) Don't get your trailer t-r-a-s-h brother in law to install the carpet for you for a case of beer. What i mean by this is, if carpet fiber runs in opposite directions (because afore mentioned trailer t-r-a-s-h installer doesn't know how to install) it will look drastically different than it should.

C.) There may be some cheap products that menards sells, but I can tell you, 95%+ of menards carpet is good quality, made in the USA (dalton, GA -- carpet capitol of the world)

D.) Every manufacturer in the world will tell you, 90%+ of all consumer complaints are due to installation error! Learn how to do it right, then come back!!


Actually your carpet was not defective. If carpet if in fact of a different dye lot that does not make it a defective product.

Now however if in fact the carpet did come off of two seperate rolls then the carpet was probably two different dye lots. If the carpet was cut off of one roll the dye lot matched and although you had a "professional" install your carpet they do make errors and anyone can call themselves a professional. They could have turned the carpet making the pile going different directions giving the appearence of different dye lots when actually there isn't.

Although Menards offered to make things right for you they probaby were not even in the wrong. What people fail to realize is people that work in retail are there working to earn a living to support their family not to be treated as if they are beneath you.


if it was the same roll the dye lots will match. If it was two different rolls they won't match. Dosen't matter if it's a remnant or not.


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