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I was in the menards store in toledo on alexis rd. and went back to the paint dept. to check on some paint and ceiling tiles for a job that i'm doing.

When i approached the girl at the desk she was on the phone, so I politely waited awhile, untill i realized from her conversation that it was a personal call, and nothing to do with store business.

I then excused myself to her. and explained I was on the clock, and needed help with paint, she pointed to a chart and walked away,still talking to her friend on the phone! i excused myself and left the store and went down to lowes where they kindly took close to $300.00 for paint and ceiling tiles from me and couldn't have been nicer.

This isnt the first time this girl has walked away from a customer , i was telling a co-worker about the incident and he said "the dark haired girl with the glasses, skinny, on the phone" and i said "yea thats her" he said " get in line pal. i've complained to the manager about the exact same thing"

If the menards management gets complaints such as these, and are loosing customers and business, maybe they should reassign this girl to a dept. that she can handle, like answering phones up front, where they can keep a closer eye on her!

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Nope she was not on break(she thinks she is)they moved her out of paint and put her up front by the mang. for a year or so in commercial and now she is right back at the same *** again even the other employees hate her lazy ***, she must be doing the boss from all the complaints she gets to keep her job!No one can figure this out and no one wants to work with her because she walks off to "help" someone and doesn't come back to help the workers,she thinks her *** don't stink!


It is possible that she was on break.


Yeah it's true. I happen to work at this store. I've been there since the store setup. She has been absolutely horrible. There are very few employees left at my store that will even talk to her. Except of course those in her dept. that have no other choice.

I suppose the only good news is that she's been moved out of paint and into Building Materials. So now she's inexperienced and incompetent, but she's in the other corner of the building.


My husband and I were in this same store awhile back and this same woman seemed irritated when we asked about some sale items that seemed to be out of stock she said she had not had the time to put them out but would get them for us.And yes, she was on the phone and seemed like we were interruping her,

We found out from the cashier that this woman runs several depts. and should have had these sale items out days ago, and would say something to the manager


if that's all true, she should have been fired yesterday. no way i would stand for that ***.