Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

I'm writing this to respond to the posting I just read that was written on Feb 28. Dude, you are an ***.

The rules are clearly written that if you don't work past December 15, no IPS. Your *** for putting in your two weeks before December 15. It's common sense. I wouldn't pay you either if you had the stupidity to put your two weeks in 7 days before you are elgible for profit sharing.

Menards is the BEST home improvement store not only in the Midwest, but in the country. There is not another chain that is as successful as us. Bottom line, we must be doing something right to have the customer base that we do. As long as John Menard's vision continues after he is gone, things will continue to move forward with this company.

He is the smartest buisness man i have ever known.

I really don't know him but you can't argue w/ the numbers. Guest love Menards, and so do I.

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Wow... You got his c**k in your mouth too? *** ***


I couldn't agree more w/the stupidity of when the 2 weeks notice was put in however, you may like Menards and all, but your claim of John Menard hasn't the proper backing to prove him smart thus making an entirely poor argumentive statement.