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Beware of Menards I just tried to return an item that I lost the receipt to and they refused to give me anything back for a refund and would not even give me the item back, the cops said I had to take them to court to get anything out of them, they just robbed me and got away with it.

I would like to know how a store can do this to a person and get away with it, what are they thinking, why do they take a chance of losing alot of business, is a $100.00 part worth it

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I also live in the hometown of menards and I NEVER shop there. I do not because I know to many people who have worked for old John Menard and have never heard one good thing about him.

Not only did he block out Home Depot in his hometown to fill his pockets instead of helping the community with more jobs and a little variety. He makes his sales people get name brands like hitachi so cheap that they are forced to make them with cheaper parts making them name brand junk. Shop at menards if you want reject seconds, junk tools, poor under paid workers who have no clue how to help you find what you need and to deal with the mail in rebate *** for omost all sales.

Read up a little on how menards works and I bet you will shop there less too.


I live in the home city of Menards and have been shopping there for 30+ years and have never once had an issue with any rebates, returns, customer service ever. They employ a lot of people and pay pretty darn good.

Just like any store, if you purchase something keep the reciept and follow the directions, if that is too hard for you to do then stay home or get a personal assistant to take care of you! Common sense is not too common any more.


This situation is taken to the security dept and they handle it. Menards can take the merchandise with the intent on giving the guest the refund which is what happened here.

The security dept will investigate and if they can not find that it was stolen then a refund will be given. No receipt returns are high risk for Menards.

They would have no idea if it was purchased at Menards or if it was even just pulled off the shelf and someone tries to return it. Keep your receipts and this would not be an issue.


Hey Srgt. Bilco,

Lets say that Mickey purchased a Black n Decker drill model #2445.

Every one of those B&D #2445 drills has the exact same UPC Code. They cannot differentiate one from the other until/unless you register the warranty and supply the serial number. Therefore Menards wouldn't know if they or another Menards sold that exact drill.

So brilliant one, they could not say that drill was stolen and not purchased, unless they- or any other Menards- has never sold even 1 of them ever. Maybe it was stolen and maybe it wasn't, unless they can prove it was, they should have given the item back and explained no cash w/o a receipt.


haha, Menards, go to a Mom and Pop hardware store or Ace/True Value if you want something and pay the extra 10 percent. At least they know what they are talking about, and know how to spell words in the English language correctly.


OP your one dumb *** and should be in jail.

If you try to return some thing to Menards with out a receipt all they have to do is check there computers to see if and when that particular item was purchased. The only reason they can legally keep that item is if"THERE IS NO RECORD OF A PURCHACE"


i can see not giving you any money back with out a receipt but where do they get off taking your stuff that just wrong .did you pay with cash or check or on your charge if it a way you can track it i would do it then take there *** *** to court :(


What you do is get a receipt holder, then when you write that amount in your check book, check off the receipt and put it on the receipt holder. Keep all your receipts for each year and put them in a file. Don't ever throw away a receipt in case you need to make a return even months down the line.


there is a machince at the front of the store to look up your recipt the keep up to 36 months along as you paid with a credit/debt card or a check you can look it up


the employees probably rob the store more than the average customer so unfortunatly you are having to pay the price


You Mope! Go home and watch some more Muary and all that day time trash t.v.

for people like you who sit on there *** all day and have all day to cuase trouble at Menards. Mope.


If Menards was to give money back to every person who claims they lost their reciept they would lose more money then you think. It helps keeping cost down when a company puts pollicy to avoid theif's, not saying you are one but unfortuately there are people who steal and try to return without receipt's. The whole purpose of course of getting a receipt is to make it so you can return the item so next time and this go's for any store you visit don't lose you receipt dummy!


from what i have read it sounds like all menards employees are just plan rude. maybe he really did lose his receipt !!! i really dislike menards alot thay brainwash there people


They have your picture. I would stay out of shady deals at that store before you get into real trouble.

Let it go. No receipt / No return. I learned that in the first grade.

Stop wasting the polices time. Be responsible.


Two words, Sir... Loss Prevention.

You seriously can't blame Menards for not wanting to do a "no receipt return" when the item is over $100.

If it were a few cents or a couple dollars, OK, but over $100?

No way. Hopefully this taught you a lesson.


So tell us again how this is not your fault


why did you lose the receipt then, ***??


Obviously you must have had a "very convincing" story, otherwise they wouldn't have suspected you of being a thief. You are probably stealing wireless internet from your neighbor in order to post this.....thief!!!


maybe if you hadn't stolen the item in the first place......