Rothschild, Wisconsin
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Bought an Exide battery for one of my lawn tractors from the Menard's Store in the Rib Mountain/Wausau Wisconsin area. Noticed a few days later they charged me $5.00 for recycling my old battery.

I did not bring in a battery for them to recycle. After complaining to the service dept they sent me to the Manager. He told me to write my state legislature. That it is the law!!

That they had a notice posted in the back of the store where batteries are normally kept. I suggested the "RECTUM" give me his battery to turn in as my battery was recycled thru our village pickup.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Im buying a new battery for a new winch, Guess what, There is no old battery.


ok this is 5 years old but i saw it , read it and had to laugh. this has been going on for years it doesn't matter where you buy a battery there's a charge for your old one.

call it disposal whatever. some places can recycle battery's others not worth it. its not republican or democrat so get over it.

always has to be a political comment in everything. bottom line you buy a battery bring in your old one or pay the extra cost stop *** and grow a brain

@politics bs

I disagree if someone does not have a battery to exchange in the first place they should not be charged a disposal fee


Your an ***. You would not be charged if you had brought a battery.

You will get your money back if you return the old one. I'm shur you thought you were so wronged that you did not listen to what the manager had to say.


I turned in my core & Returned the new battery as well (going with a duracell-sams club) - I wanted/needed a core back they WOULD NOT do that. So I have to eat the $10.

core charge from SAMS! I like Menards, but they don't always know what they are doing!


I had a similar issue returning a new battery to Walmart that wasn’t the correct one. At first the return desk person would not give my old ( or a old one) back to me.

The manager was called out and took care of the issue with no problem.

He understood exactly , he pretty much thought it was a no brainer to give me an old one back. The return clerk didn’t have a clue .


If you cant follow state laws, dont ***.


sorry, we Democrats were tired of you Republicans disposing of your car batteries in the ditches and streams of our state so we now hold five dollars over your head to make sure you properly dispose of it.


ok so i completly understand the whole five dollar charge and it is amazing they are doing you a favor you know? now you know if you bring back the battery you get the five dollars back....not a big deal now you know if you ever buy a battery again bring the old one in!


I have no problem with the law. My problem is with the fact that the recycle charge was not posted by the batteries, explained by the cashier, and the arrogant, obnoxious comments made by the so-called "proffesional" manager.

I did check Home Depot and they do post the policy regarding the $5 charge. Execution of any law or edict can change the perception of the transaction.


Quit complaining... Shopping at Home Depot won't solve any problems... they would do the same thing.


I agree it is a *** system. My irritation is with the fact that it was not posted about the $5 charge and the lousy store manager said we should have gone to the back of the store and read the notice by the regular battery shelves.

I now vote with my feet.

We do most of our shopping at Home Depot (a block away from Menards) or Fleet Farm. Only Special items on sale that are probably sold at a minimum markup or even a loss at Menards.


It is the law they have to charge for disposal of batteries, thank the government for stepping in and saying that all stores that sell these type of batteries must also dispose of them. Never mind that there are plenty of recycling centers and its your responsibility to dispose of. Thanks Democrats you sure know how to invade our lives


Farm and Fleet gives you 10.00 off if you bring in your old battery


I am speculating that there is some confusion on the part of the commentators. I have not checked in the past 2 years, but for many years now any company from which I bought an automotive or lawnmower lead acid battery, refunds the $5 charge if you give them the battery when you purchasing the new one, or when bringing in the old battery later IF you also bring in the receipt of the new battery.


It's a pretty poor system, I do not disagree with you there. However, it's how every place of business does it.

They battery is at a listed price and if you don't bring in your old battery its 5 dollars more.

It should be the other way around they should mark all the batteries up 5 bucks and if you bring in your batter they should just deduct 5 dollars from the cost. This would create a lot less problems.


I would agree that would make more sense