Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I purchased a carpet remnant for my son's apartment at our local Menards Store for $77.00. My son did not like the color, so he returned the remnant in exchange for a different color.

The West Milwaukee Menards Store charged him $25.00 (32% of the price of the remnant) for not having a receipt. I contacted the Menards Corporate Office, who investigated the situation. Today, I got a call from the Manager of the West Milwaukee Menards Store (Steve Frye) and was told that there was nothing they could do about it because they had already issued the credit ($52.00) to my son. I explained that I would gladly come into the store with the original receipt and they could verify that the original price was $77.00.

I was merely asking for a $25.00 store credit, but the Manager said "no"' there was nothing they could do at this point. Tomorrow, I start shopping at Lowe's.

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No receipt returns give u the last sales price in the last 90 days since there is no way of proving how much u paid or when u purchased it. This is a service to even return it at all.

Everything can be tracked by the barcode on your receipt. Since your son returned it without the receipt there is no way to link his return with your original receipt. How dare u think youre better thsn anyone else and above the rules of a cooporation especially when it was you and your sons irresponsibility to go and accept the refund without bringing a receipt! i bet youre also one of those people who start screaming at the poor 8.50$ worker behind the counter who a just doing their job.

You should be embarrassed of your own irresponsibility and shop somewhere else.

Believe me menards will go on without your business. Have a nice day!


I'm surprised they took it back at all, without a receipt. Common sense.


Paul Menard has won just ONE race in the NASCAR series most cloely associated with him, this is out of 174 starts.... hmmmmm ....

must be nice to have a dad that can support your losing all the time.... lucky guy.....


I work at Menards and if you do not have the receipt you will receive an in store credit for the lowest sale price. This is because we do not know what you paid for it.

It's your fault really.

There is even a kiosk at guest service that can look up purchases made by check or credit card if you paid that way. Keep you receipt next time.


Company policy on no-receipt returns is that the Guest is only issued store credit for the lowest sale price within the past 90 days including rebate offers and special promotions. That particular remnant must have been on sale at some point for $52.00 and since your son didnot have the receipt, we had no way of knowing what had actually been paid for the remnant. I know it sucks for you guys when you actually paid more but this is the only way we can protect ourselves from defrauders that would purchase something on sale and then return it for a greater refund than what they had paid.


The owner has to pay for his mediocre talented son to drive in NASCAR somehow. They should put your name on the car as an official sponsor.


should have taken it back home and waited for the reciept your son's fault here not menards

that is common sense


Our local Menards takes remnants back with no charge.....I have NEVER heard of this 32% thing...sounds like BS to me