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I purchased a lawnmower from menards. Brought it home followed the instructions on setting it up.

Sure enought it doesnt work. The thing is defective. So pack it all back up with recipet in hand head back to my local menards thinking i can easily just exchange for one that doea work. No they wont take it back its there policey once gas has been put into it.

Well thats a joke . How are you supose to know if it works without gas in it? They were rude and could care less teysold me a $200 bucket if bolts. They then had te nerve to offer me a number for a repair service.

Seriously i am supose to service my brand new mower. If i was gonna do that i probably could have taken the broken mower in i was replacing. I will never shop at menards again.

A company that doesnt care if they aell you defective items for over. $200 is no place i want to give my money to.

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Welcome to left wing liberal America where the government protects you and the store by not allowing the store to accept your lawn mower back.

If you want to see another liberal nanny state mess, go try to buy a gas can. Next, you'll have to be certified to operate a gas pump and put gas in your lawn mower.

@Annie N. Moose

What does the government have to do with this? The simple fact is that the manufacturer warranty calls for repair of defects, not replacement.

Most small engine problems are related to poor fuel quality or not enough oil. The retail store is not responsible for the warranty, the manufacturer is. If Pamijo had just taken it to the manufactures service center it would have been repaired at no charge provided it wasn't his fault (using stale gas, not adding oil). If you buy a new car and have a problem they don't give you a new one.

they fix the one you bought. As a consumer it is your responsibility to understand the warranty on an item you purchase.


The reason for this is because it is technically an explosive after you have filled it with gas. They are not legally allowed to take it back.

And even if you drained the gas the vapors are still explosive.

The same goes for gas cans for the same reasons. That said, they should offer to service it for free or something comparable.


I recently visited Menards for purchasing new doors for my home. The staff at my local GH Menards showed no interest in consulting/sales process.

When I did try to engage them, it was like I was bothering them.

I went to their competitor and did found a better experience with them showing interest and helping me understand features of the product. Is that too much to ask from a Home Store.


Same problem for me..put down $200 plus another $26 for the extended warrantee. Bought a new gas can and filled it with PREMIUM gas to avoid using anything with ethanol in it.

Opened the container of oil that came with the mower. Followed the instructions from Briggs and stratton which stated "put oil in a little at a time, wait a minute and check level with dipstick. Well, the dipstick was grey colored and the oil was nearly clear. I couldn't tell if the thing was at the proper level or not.

If the manufacturer knows the oil capacity (they should since they manufactured it) why not just instruct me to put 250 cc's in it? The oil canister has graduated measuring on it. What kind of instructions are those. Then it tells you DO NOT OVERFILL...well, I guess I didn't.

I started it up and it ran just great for 15 minutes until it made a godawful noise and I turned it off. When I tried to restart it I found the engine was seized and the pull cord wouldn't budge. I called Menards and the "desk manager" told me I could return it the next day, which I did, only to be informed that I had placed gasoline into it and would have to take it to a service agent. This policy is obviously due to a past history of problems that Menards has experienced with these products and their user unfriendly instruction manuals.

So instead of doing the right thing and educating their clientele on the right way to set up, they have decided to keep ripping off their customers and shuffling them off to the service centers like good little cattle. The guy at the service center looks and me and says, "so what do you want me do do about it?" I answered, "what should I do, just throw the thing in the lake after using it for 15 minutes?" I can say for certain that I will be spending about $250 worth of my time outside of the local Menards with a nice big sign while I educate their customers as to what they can expect for customer service for their hard earned money.


You know...if you spend money on any product and it is broken or not working, the store you bought it from should provide the customer with customer service. If you have a lawn mower that will not start, any sane person would expect that the store they bought it from would assist them in returning it or getting it repaired, no questions asked, free of charge.

Menards has horrible customer service...there is NO WAY to start or test our your new lawn mower without gas in Menards should be responsible for fixing it or returning it and making sure their customer is taken care of.

Menards is only concerned about stuffing cash into their pockets and abandoning the customer after that...why should you have to take it to be serviced? I'm sorry you went through that, it's a lesson to all of us to not buy into Menard's terrible business and purchase items from them.


To murdered out. Look im not an *** i know how to use a lawn mower and i know to put oil in it .

I put the oil in it before even pitting gas it. The gas i used was just bought in a brand new gas can purchased the day i tried to use the mower. As for the manufacture testing the mower , thats impossible on my situation . The simple fact of the matter is i had it repaired per my own small engine repair service and it was a manufacture mistake that caused the mower not to start.

The air flow intake regulator , which is a small plastic piece under the air filter was put on upside down causing no air to flow . Hence why it wouldnt run. That was just plain *** error. I could not have avoided that problem no matter how i set the mower up.

Even a monkey can set up a lawn mower properly in doesnt take a genius to do it if you have used a mower even just once in your life. Personally i think people like to comment just to feel smarter then the original complain tee and to act superior. I think it takes a real arrogant *** to degrade someone who was just pissed that a company doesnt stand behind the products they sell and then in turn treat them rudely. Its just plain bad business practices.

Thanks for your enlightenment though. Even though you have absolutely no idea what your talking about.

Do you feel smarter and better about yourself now though? Hope so, i know i do!


I would like to point out if you go to any, and I mean ANY other retailer's complaints on this site, you see the EXACT same complaints. Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, Walmart, Target, etc.

You also see the same responses from people. Menards doesn't "have people respond" to these. People just do.

Secondly, (this is the one that will hurt the worst) all manufacturers of gas powered equipment start the motors before they are shipped. EVERY SINGLE ONE gets pull started before it is shipped.

That is why there is a little oil and an odor of fuel in them. The problem is people don't "follow the directions on setting it up." They simply put fuel in and try to go.

99% of the time the issue is no oil, or bad gas. Good luck in your future purchases.


I completely agree . I have also read through alot of the menards complaints and you can definatly see alot of the same user names on there being nasty to the consumer and sticking up for menards.

I think its a scam to say they will not make good on any item after gas has been put in it. The simple fact is you will not know if it works or not with out gas. Why does menards have a policey that pretty much says "we dont stand behinde what we sell"? They are pretty much in less words saying we know its not going to work thats is why we wont take it back!

My biggest complaint was not the fact they sold me a defective item but the way i was treated by there employees when i went back. They were rude and could care less if they had a dissatisfied customer. What happen to the good old days when customer service was to every businesses top priority? In my opinion in this economy they should be alot more apprecitive that i chose there business to spend my $ in the first place.

Not rude and nasty. Thats is why i will take my hard earned $ else where! I dont think its my responsibility whether covered by warranty or not to wait to have a brand new item serviced. In my opinion it is there they can give me a replacement then take the broken one to be serviced and they can take care of it with the manufacture.

Personally when i buy something new i want to go home and use it , not bring it onto be serviced and wait 3 weeks to use it. Thats ***!!!


I sympathize with you. I would expect them to take it back if it does not work!

I could care less if they have signs posted saying you can't return it if their is gas in it. What they sell is supposed to work if it doesn't they should be obligated to take it back.

I read a number of the comments on different complaints and I believe that Menard's is having people respond with disingenuous responses. I have lowered my opinion of them and I probably spend thirty-thousand a year there.


Menards department managers make 35-50k a year plus receive a yearly bonus of 6 to 12k on top of that. The store general managers make 50 to 85k a year an addition to that again another 10-15k yearly bonus.

Full-time team members make 25 to 35k a year plus on top of that a bonus from 3 to 6k year.

For a retail store I would say they pay pretty *** good. On weekends everyone makes an additional $2.50 a hour


Wow how come you guys are such jerks? Wtf is wrong with you?

Are your live that sucky that you feel the need to put people down. You guys are real winners.

How much does menards pay you to be there ***? Thanks for the comments super appreciated you totally fullfilled my life.


Get it fixed whiner!


You're not very bright. It's stated all over the place where the lawnmowers are that they cannot be returned once gas is put in them, they must go to a service center.

Again here is another reason you're not very bright, they offered you service centers that would have covered it because it would have been under warranty, but you did not want to listen. Also, it says on all Menards receipts that this is the case of all gas pushed equipment.


It should be under warranty. contact the company and ask how to get it repaired.

Menard's does not repair anything. they just sell the stuff.

And, correct, once you put gas in it, their rules say no returns. That's why you have a warranty.