Terre Haute, Indiana
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We purchased 10 sets of lights at Menards and I ended up taking 2 back because they were the LED and didn't like the look of them inside the

house, however kept the rest for outside. We returned them within

the 30 days not 90 as it states on the receipt and before Christmas but they only refunded 1/2 of what we

paid for them. In other words they refunded for one box and took two.

They informed me the back of the receipt states you get the sale price on your return even if you paid full price and have the receipt to prove it!

It does not say that on the receipt at all.

Whatever, I had my receipt and took back well before the 90 days and they

still gave us the "sale price".

Merry Christmas to all from Menards. Talk about greed!

Monetary Loss: $34.

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Oh we have another complainer? Hey im gonna go buy christmas lights then return them after christmas is over and expect full price back.

How cheap are you the lights you spent maybe 5 bucks look at what this world is coming to.

You took them out of the package used them and after the holiday decided you didnt like them. Get over it give them to someone else dont return them


It says on the bottom of the receipt that for Holiday and Seasonal iteams the price that you paid is guaranteed for 14 days only. After that you can get even exchange or if you want your money back you get the sale price.

Why would they refund you at full price when the next person who is going to buy your product is going to pay only 1/2. Moreover seasonal items drop down in price every single days before the holiday. If you didn't read the bottom of the receipt..well this is your problem.

I didn't read my housing contract before I signed it but my landlord still charged me $1200 for moving out before the contract ended. Next time you'll know and you'll read.


of course it doesn't say "you get half", it says you get the lowest sale price.

And yes I'm sure the receipt "you received" was completely faded, rather than being faded after it was in your possession. lol


The top of the receipt states that 90 days after purhase refunds will be put on an instore credit or a menards card. The bottom of the receipt states that all returns on holiday items 14 days after purchase you will get the lowest sale price.

Why would they return something for more than they are gonna sell it for when you let them sit around your house for 30 days? There are no policies for returns that have anything to do with 30 days by the way.


The top of the receipt does state that after 90 days your money will be put onto an in store credit or a menards card. The bottom of the receipt states that any holiday items after 14 days of purchase will be returned for the lowest sale price.

Why would they give you more than what they are gonna sell them for when you let them sit around for a month. It's called common sence.


Looks like you left the receipt in the sun for a while for it to totaly fade. It is correct that you only get the clearance price on seasonal items after they go on clearance.

If you had brought them back right away you would have received what you paid for them. What do you expect when you buy a seasonal item and try to return it too late for a store to sell the product at full price?


should of plugged them in before you bought them that is why they have outlets all over the store!!!


if you read the bottom of the reciept and at the returns desk's back wall in big writting....it clearly states....all holiday items may be returned with or with out a reciept with in 14 days for what you paid for it. prices are subject to change.


No I did not make it up! The receipt does have info on the back.

DUH............ No where on the back does it say you get half of what you pay for something when you have your receipt! They have a 90 day return policy, this was returned even before 30 days was up!! Also they said usually on the front of the receipt there is a statement that reads you get a refund for whatever the sale price is on seasonal items after 14 days.

Well guess what the receipt we received was completely faded and we could not even tell what the $ amount was until our statment came. I think they need to get better about changing their toner if they want you to be able to know all of the conditions and the price of what you buy!


Greed is for amateurs. Disorder, chaos, anarchy: now that's fun!


Ya... Pretty sure you made that story up since the back of the receipt doesn't have anything on it. Where are you getting this 30 days thing from?