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Went to Menards Saturday and, yet again, was disappointed. No carts for handicap people like me available.

Lady behind counter said sorry in a tone of voice that made it clear she was anything but sorry. I then shuffled toward the restrooms. When I arrive there, I find a regular *** on the door, this is a violation of the ADA!! The handle must be a lever!!

Since I couldn't grip the *** I went to the handicap stall in the men's room. What a horror, toilet paper all over the floor, *** on the toilet seat and cracked tile near the floor. I left after relieving myself.

If Menards can't take care of their restrooms, why, in God's name, would I order my outbuilding from them? No way!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Restroom Facility.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What Exactly And Precisely Does The Store Managed Do?


Did you bother to report the condition of the restroom to anyone? They don't have attendants to check the stalls each time someone if=s finished. Not their fault someone made a mess of the stall.



According to the ADA, as long as any handicapped customer is able to enter a place of business, that business is ADA compliant.

According to the ADA, handicapped carts are not a requirement for any business to provide.

According to the ADA, there is no law stating that every business must provide handicapped carts.

Handicapped carts are provided as a courtesy.

Where I work at, I have seen handicapped carts left outside the store as well as near the front of the store. When this happens, many times the battery inside the cart is "dead".

So the cart cannot move. That means no handicapped customer can use that cart anymore. It takes money to replace these carts when this happens. It also takes money to maintain these carts.

These carts are no cheap. It would be much better if handicapped customers provided their own handicapped cart through their health insurance plan or through Medicare.


The handicapped carts are not cheap.

The cost of providing handicapped carts goes somewhere. Most likely in the form of higher prices for the customers.

Do you want that to happen?