I placed a special order September 20th 2014 for 69 logs for remodeling my dining room and they arrived in Eau Claire Wis. distribution center on October 2nd after contacting Menard's where I purchased them and no one seemed to answer our questions of when this order would be available for pickup.

I then found the phone # for Eau Claire and called them myself. After calling Eau Claire I was told that they would be shipped to the Plano,I'l distribution center for them to deliver to the Bradley store. After checking status on this order,it states that the order is in transit to Plano over 24 hours. This will be the last thing I purchase from Menard's.

In the past 2 years I have spent over $10,000 and will not spend another $ in there. Also I would like to state how disgusting the ladies restroom is in the Bradley store. I am a past employee of Menard's just after they opened the Bradley store and nothing has been done to remodel the bathrooms from the time the store opened the doors for business. You can never get assistance because it seems all the associates are young and seem to think it's OK to stand and talk with their friends who also work in the store.

They need to have the store manager that ran the store when I worked there. He made sure the store was tip top shape and that the associates were doing their jobs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Remodeling.

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Actually, back when Bradley opened, they were associates. I'm sure the Store Manager isn't to blame.

24 hours transit time is pretty good. ***, US mail takes longer.

Track ur orders on line. Its the most current status


You say you worked there but yet you call the employees "associates". They're called team members ***


what are you? some kind of menards troll charged with dealing with complainers?...