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I am a local woodworking company that uses OSB in the manufacture of specialty crating products. Today I drove my delivery truck to the Findlay,Ohio Menards Store to buy 7/16 OSB which was on sale for 4.79 per sheet.

While there I was asked how many sheets I would like. I said I would take a truckload if they would sell it to me. After deliberating with the store manager (Ben Anderson) for a while the clerk returned and told me they would not sell me any sheets at the advertised price but would sell me all I wanted at 6.00 per sheet.

Not thinking I heard him correctly I asked if they would sell me 1 or 2 bunks (66 or 132 sheets)and was informed that they would not sell me one sheet at the advertised price but only at the 6.00 per sheet price. I drove my truck home empty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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I agree with the manager.


I also recently go some stuff from menards and they did not give us all our rebates. only on half.

I called back and the manager in massillon said " sorry, we are extremely busy and don't have time to explain our fine print..I applolize for that" b'c it was the day after that I noticed.. the sale was over so there was no way to go back in and adjust that" Sorry... Im tired of hearing "sorry" these days.. sorry don't put money back in my pocket.

I will be returning my almost 600 purchase b'c of bad service I got. I will spend more money somewhere else but I know who takes care of me as a customer!!


Don't buy a truck load... buy it one sheet at a time..

That really *** em off!! I do it all the time just to prove a point. And they CANNOT refuse the sale. And you still get the OSB at the advertised sale price.

And don't even get me started on small businesses that try to charge a fee for not spending a minimum with a debit/credit card!! That violates the consumer agreement they signed when they received the cc machine.


Dan B ought to take a look at a Menards ad before he shoots his mouth off. Menards ads include the following: Quantities limited to stock on hand.

We reserve the right ti limit quantities and to correct printing and layout errors.

Due to market conditions, prices subject to change without notice.....

OSB is an item that can take drastic price swings as demand in the market changes. I am sure James Hale Anderson can buy wholsale for his company and was aware of what wholesale prices had jumped to otherwise he would not be trying to buy a truckload at retail.


What James Hale Anderson is describing is a criminal act committed by Menards. It is ILLEGAL to advertise a price and then not offer the product at that price for the purpose of getting you in the store to buy something else, or even the same thing at a higher price. Regardless if the business takes a loss on it. This criminal act is called a Bait and Switch and is considered FRAUD. If there are stipulations and limitations to the advertisement then they need to be stated in the ad. If they are not stated in the ad, then the price needs to be honored as stated in the ad by the business no matter what a manager was instructed to do. So if the ad is current and did not state any limit the the amount available to purchase then Mr. Anderson has been wronged.

I have gone into a store many times to purchase a sale item and it is not in the computer at the price advertised. It is important to remember that computers are far from flawless. Has everyone been so caught up with the actual cost of osb that they miss the wrongdoing of a business?

As far as the comment about kicking people off the property because you cannot deliver what was promised to them by an ad goes. go chew on a rock, it will do wonders on your teeth, I promise. then I'll give you a good swift kick in the pants and send you on your way. Just because you are a disgruntled clerk doesn't give you the right to label everyone with a problem an ***.

All of this has been said with the understanding that James Hale Anderson's statement is true.


OSB is different from a box of nails or a tape measure.

You cannot get a truckload from menards UNLESS you are buying other products with it. The fact is Menards as a whole lost over a million dollars on the sale of OSB last year.

The reason: to stay competitivbe and hopefully customers will buy an item that they do make money on. Lumberyards get OSB from wholesalers, not the Mills like Menards does, so they try to "buyout" menards because they get a better deal at that particular time compared to their wholesaler distributor. It is called "cherry-picking" and Menards is too smart to let it happen.

I just recently sent one of my guys to home depot to cherry pick their extruded polystyrene insulation because they sold it for less than we were getting it dirrect... its just good business


Sometimes in ads,current or otherwise, there will be fine print indicating for consumers other than contractors. Many times big box stores offer special contractor discounts.


It was on sale, he should have gotten it!

Plain and simply. I work for Menards in Eau Claire and the place sucks.401k a joke insurance is a joke ect ect gotta punch out to take a leak. Bottom line is John Menard is cheap.


The policy is, if something goes on sale 14 days after you have bought it, we'll give you the difference in a credit check. We don't honor sale prices 2 weeks after the sale is over.

That wouldn't be fair to the people that actually made the attempt to come to the store during the sale. If the above was true at any retail store, there wouldn't be a black friday....think about it.


Get ready for OSB to go up (and I think this guy who wanted a truck load knows it) Many mills are shutting down for the holidays. If you don't like the price of materials, get out of the business.

Stores like Menards (where I work), Lowes, HD, etc have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER THE PRICE. You the consumer controls the price.


It seems like you were trying to get a "good deal" and now you berate the manager for trying to make you happy and by giving you a reasonable deal? His name is not Menard, and why should Menards stock your store at their expense (if osb is sold at a loss.)

I truly believe that you owe this Ben Anderson an apology for trying to foul his name for your own greed.

You seem to have gotten caught, and it doesn't seem like you can own up to your ignorance.

For shame on you. Menards has been a great company to shop with and any store manager or asssociate I have HAD THE PLEASURE to do business with has been nothing but a pleasant experience.


We have this *** happen all the time, and our Building Materials Manager tells these guys exactly where the door is. When the "buyer" asks to speak with the GM, our GM often says "I stand behind my Building Materials manager", which I completely love.

I don't know about Findlay, OH's store, but we lose $$ on every sheet lost. We don't sell truck loads because we lose on it. Quite often, it's not even a "builder" that comes to do this, but other lumber yards thinking they can scam us.

Another great thing about working for Menards is that we're a private company on private property. We can tell you to GTFO without you being able to do anything about it besides do exactly that. By doing as such, we hold the right to sell to anyone we darn well please, OR we can refuse to anyone we darn well please... and that'd be you. :D


Mr. James Hale Anderson, you should be ashamed of yourself.

As the inventor of the greatest sheathing and crate making plywood in the world, I find it sad you would look to knowingly disrespect the business practices of one of my favorite distributors of my product. I created Oriented Strand Board to be a board of the people, one that not only is able to be made in an economically savvy way for manufacturers, but for the retailers that sell it to consumers. At $6.00 per sheet, you would still be getting a wonderful deal on a wonderful product.

If I were also a Cub Scout Troop Leader, I would award Mr. Ben Anderson a merit badge in ''Smart Retailing''


The advertised price is for regular everyday diy'ers. Truckloads are bought at replacement cost, which is determined by the commodity markets day to day.

If you own a lumberyard, you would know how this works.

Menards can limit how much one person or company buys at the sale price at one time. It is the same for things like copper (wire and pipe)for the electricians and plumbers.


If you ask me Mr. James Hale Anderson sounds like your typical piece of trash that can't make an honest living by building a customer base around good honest hard work and needs to scam the good honest folk at Menards to try to make his dollar.

I agree with all other comments if it is truly in the flyer than bring it in. If not if this is a legit website then you need to regulate crooks like this piece of garbage from publishing false and misleading materials.

This Ben Anderson fella sounds like he is a real straight shooter and he didn't get to the position that he is in by not being a fair and honest person. Maybe you James need to follow Ben around for a day or two and bring a couple note may learn something about honest hardwork and respectable business ethics....good day


If thats the advertised price...Proof is in the pudding, bring in the advertisement, and if it is the as you say, I'm sure Menards would be more than happy to give you that price...kinda sounds like someones scamming and its not the GM or Ol'Jonny M.


Did you try bathing before you went in? From my past experience I know that alot of contractors come in smelling like they bathed in a sea of dirty female naughty bits.

That usually gets them to try and get you out of there really fast. I know that most Menards stores have a health and beauty section, and I am sure they would be willing to comp you a bottle of body wash....for your good as well as theirs. Being a contractor you should know the cost of such things. Especially OSB, you really think they are gonna be like, yeah sure, take our whole warehouse under cost.

That's why they are in business right? To lose money?

Remove head from ***, then shop, enjoy your experience, as remember!!!!! You Always Save Big Money At Menards!!!!!


unfortunately, some companies can limit sales to their customers. How many sheets had you already purchased? I hear places like Menards sell 7/16 well below cost to draw customers who buy OTHER things as well.


Where did you see this advertisement? Was it current and up to date? I think there's something you're not telling us, because if it really was supposed to b 4.79, the computer would have rung it up as such.

My guess is that you are looking at an out of date advertisement flyer (and even then, Menards honors sale prices 14 days after the fact)