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I am complaining about all these p people complaining about menards and no receipts, there are kiosks at front of the store to look up and print out ANY RECEIPT YOU HAVE EVER HAD. If you pay cash, then you may have a problem, but you can insert any debit card, credit card, or menards big card and it wil generate any sale you have made on any card you insert, going back a couple years.

Unless you r trying to return a shoplifted item, u can find your legal receipt. Sterling illinois menards,we love you, customer service department goes out of it s way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Credit Card.

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My problem is I ordered on line and they did not email me a receipt. I need a receipt to get the 11% rebate. They have not shipped the item and I do not want to drive 100 miles to attempt to get a receipt at some kiosk.

I think Menards is trying to screw me.


Policy states, you the guest will be given the lowest selling price in the past 90 days. This includes sales, coupons, discounts, when you argue with the cashier because an item was miss-placed.

The reason you get the lowest sale price is because of theft and that we don't know how much you spent on said item. I recommend that you charge .10 cents on a card every shopping experience. Let the cashier know first. If they say they cant tell them to press the Number 3 on the payment type screen if you are using VISA/MC or 4 for Discover then after the card processes type in .10 hit enter. then they press 1 for the cash option and enter the amount you give them. Menards credit processing company only charges a percentage of the sale not a swipe fee as well. A common thing we get is people who go in the store bring up an item they never bought and try to return it. We will only accuse you if we have proof you are up to no good. As far as a manager looking up a cash transaction on system V. Its extremely hard and quite imposable since it will list thousands of transactions. They have no option to limit down the transactions, which are not in order and go back 10 years. The Receipt Kiosk has cost Menards lots of money in programing and the computer systems involved. Its there for you to use, cash is untraceable. One option menards is thinking about doing is offering a membership type of card that will log all transactions and the rebates will go straight to but most consumers who were beta testers did not like it.