Chillicothe, Ohio
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I have tried since Dec. 13 2014 to get a $300 rebate!!

I have also tried to get a hold of rebate international with absolutely no success!! This a lot of money and I would NOT have bought the product had there not been such a great rebate. Now I am out $300 I can't afford. I think that such a large successful company would have a much better way to handle this issue.

It is obviously not working!!!!

Get a clue Menards now you are loosing good customers. I spent $1200.00 on an electric fireplace and was looking forward to the rebate to use at Menards to buy things I need for my new house and now I'm screwed out of $300.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Menards Pros: Service, Generally favorable shopping, Prices, Vast inventory selections, Groceries available.

Menards Cons: Rebate international.

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I have had some large rebates coming in the past and I have always made copies and sent in the rebate form by certified mail. Costs a few bucks but better peace of mind and I've always received the rebate.


It was most likely stolen by the mailman, google it. Or you filled it out incorrectly causing a filing error.

Rebate international is Menards. They just made their own company for rebates and named it something else so Menards looks less shady to the average consumer. Regardless your not getting your rebate because of something out of Menards control. That's an extremely large rebate 25% of the original product which makes it suspicious to start with on your end.

I bet you were not smart enough to make copies of the receipt and the rebate form. Oh well.

Now your educated! Be a better consumer and treat people the way you want to be treated!


How did you attempt to contact Rebate International? You can contact them by e-mail only.

Have you tried tracking your rebate on The rebates obviously work or they wouldn't use them.