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I have to agree, the whole rebate idea sucks. It's an annoying pain in the *** that is designed to make them money.

People will forget to get the rebate slips, loose their receipts, not bother with smaller purchases, not fill them out correctly, wait too long, not want to wait the 6-8 weeks....among many other reasons; and they all put 11% more profit in their pockets. I preferr HD & Lowes as they take home construction/diy much more seriously.

I think Maynards has lost sight of their customers wants and needs fron their lame rebates to their cheap *** tooling. Just my opinion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sure, they could get rid of the rebates and run a promotion here and there and be just like Home Depot and Lowes. They choose instead to offer consumers an opportunity to save more by offering more sales and rebates.

Yes, you may need to put a little effort in to mailing in the rebate and spend it at Menards but it is more than Home Depot or Lowes will ever advertise.

Lowes and Depot will play follow the leader and give a discount when Menards runs their promotions if you ask for it but they sure wouldn't give you the discount if it weren't for Menards. Stop and ask yourself what you would be paying for building materials if Menards wasn't in the game.


Rebates are just a gimmick. Fighting Rebates International by e-mail many, many times and they do not respond nor send you the promised rebates.

In fact, they do not show as received!

Wow, someone is getting their mail!!

Then if you ever receive rebate, it's on a postcard which most often are conveniently stolen as they are easily used at Menards by anyone who took the mail. Let's see if Menards responds to e-mail sent to them regarding my complaint about this...


To bad you can't spell...


*too* omg I am embarrassed for you.


Everytime I check their prices against Lowes OR Home Depot OR anywhere really it's cheaper. Plus I don't have to order anywhere near as much *** from Menards than anywhere else. I see their rebates as an added bonus really.


If the 11% rebate wasn't a popular promotion and didn't bring in customers do you really think they would run it so often. Just go to any of the Menards stores where you can see a Lowes or Home Depot store from the Menards parking lot and look at which parking lot has more cars in it. Menards will always have more cars in their lot...must be doing something right.