Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Sent in three rebates totaling over $150 in rebates to Rebate International through Menards. All three were sent in on time.

Never got one rebate. Never any contact available for rebate international. Resubmitted the rebates on three different occasions with no response. Menards washed their hands of it after talking to the store manager and corporate, and refused to help saying they don't have anything to do with the rebates.

Don't trust the Menards rebates to ever come and if you do have a Problem they will not help and Rebate International will not respond. From others I know, many problems with the higher dollar rebates not being received.

Again the same thing recently happened with the rebates from Menards.

Now 0 for 4 in getting a rebate. In my opinion this is a fraud which Menards uses Rebate International as a front to shift the responsibility of the loss on to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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I applied for a rebate in excess of $100 fall 2014 but haven't heard a word back. Really disappointed


I have had similar issues with not receiving their rebates. The only time we DID receive our rebate was the last time and it is only good AT MENARDS!


Send the rebate to the address provided on the rebate slip that says mail to Menards...Elk Mound, WI.... They do the reabates, I have sent in many rebates and have never had a problem.

You should make sure you read the slip so you don't have to complain about doing something that makes you look ***. Sorry, common sense


you are a jack *** I have sent 7 rebates in in the last year, never received one back. And yes....I sent to the correct address...and yes, the envelope was sealed. These people are frauds.


There is contact information for Rebate international right on the rebate form. I've never had a problem I didn't cause myself.

I've sealed the envelope and forgotten to put a form in it, I've also been in a rush and almost put the form in the envelope without filling it out. I've been getting their rebates for over 10 years and think they are great.