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Menards doesn't honor some of the rebates submitted to them and I began noticing this problem about 10 years ago. I created a folder on my hard drive devoted to Menards rebates and tracking when and IF I received that actual "rebate".

First, a rebate is "an amount of money that a business or company pays back to you because you have bought a particular product or service"

But that's not what Menards does. Their "rebate" is a card (looks like a check) but is only accepted at Menards on more merchandise. They do not allow you to use the rebate towards the current purchase of a product, nor do they send you a check that can be cashed for actual money the way real rebates actually work.

Which brings me back to honoring rebates: All too often they DO NOT honor their rebates, sometimes ignoring your submission altogether, or sometimes sending a letter offering some excuse for why they won't honor it. The last rebate I received came up short, so I sent it back to them telling them I'm taking my business elsewhere, which I have.

On a secondary issue they pay employees next to nothing leaving stores staffed with low motiviated, low knowledge sales people who make a commission by making sure you buy something, even if not needed. I know this to be factual as my nephew works at Menards. While employees work for a pittance store owner John Menards becomes richer and richer, as if he can spend all of his billions. He is Wisconsin's richest man by a wide margin.

Avoid Menards.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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yes, this most certainly is a scam at Menards! I have sent in two rebate forms totaling over $30.00 and have gotten NOTHING back (it's been nearly a year)

I now shop at Lowes!

I have several friends that have experienced the same thing. They too no longer shop at Menards.

You would think they would get rid of this as they are losing many customers!

Just give customers a fair price to begin with! Why make them jump through hoops to get a so called "rebate" which never arrives anyway.


If the rebates are such a scam why do people like them so much? Their 11% rebate sale is one of the most popular among customers.

Keep in mind that the post office is involved as well. It may be you forgot a stamp on an envelope, they couldn't read your handwriting, it may have even gotten lost or damaged in the mail. I got one back this week that had been torn in half.

It had been stamped "received damaged". You are free to shop where ever you won't be offered the kind of sales and rebates Menards offers.


Believe it or not, they can get away with this because they actually "own" everything in the store. When a company does a rebate with them, they actually pay the amount of the rebate straight to the Menard's family and they present you with a credit check for their stores.

That way they get you to buy more from them, and they are actually only out the markup on the rebated product. Do a little research on Menard's business practices and you will be amazed at the stuff they get away with. Even better, look up their "employee agreement".

Borderline illegal at best. Definitely immoral, and un-ethical according to my attorney.