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The following is an email I sent to Marnards:

I am very, very disappointed in your rebate system. This complaint is not an issue with the money; rather, an issue with your promise and program. My wife and I purchased several items that were part of your "mail in rebate" program on May 26, 2012 at your Fairfield Store in Hamilton, Ohio. We then proceeded to send you the artifacts needed to receive the rebate. Today, three months later, I have not received my rebate. While I had hoped to give it to my daughter so she could purchase some summer lawn furniture, I purchased the furniture from another store that had a similar price and was able to keep their promise when I ordered the product.

Now, it is too late to use the rebates for my intended purpose. I carefully reviewed your rebate #1402 and noticed that we should allow 6-8 weeks. I have done that! And, most notably, I noticed your long discourse on Fraud. Interesting you should mention that. Menards should have a "working relationship" with Title 18 USC Sections 1341 & 1342. I sent my artifacts to you by United States Mail.

Finally, you have lost at least four customers because of promises made and unfulfilled. While you may not care I can assure you these four customers-my family-will never shop at Menards again. And, most notably, do what we can to warn others about your non-existent rebate system. You have a beautiful facility and your staff seems very helpful; however, corporate lies are tiring and need exposed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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There is TOTAL reason to hold Menards responsible. Menards name is On the rebate!

After this post and an email to Menards I received an instant response and the promise of a rebate check.

The responsibility for that third party administrator rests-by nexus-with Menards! I had 101 reasons to hold them responsible.


Menards has nothing to do with the rebates... It's through a whole different company so there really is no point in getting mad at Menards..

Also, you can track your rebates online as well and request new ones if they are lost.


We have no problems with receiving rebate sometimes I forget and send them after they have expired but still receive rebate. Jackson MI.


Sounds like someone who is a few fries short of a happy meal is blaming others for their incompetence again. Nothing to see here, folks.


I was just notified by Menards they had sent the rebate..I never received it. THey are going to issue another rebate...They did receive my paperwork..I did nothing wrong!


We have no problem receiving their rebates. My guess is you did something wrong or it was lost in the mail.

The rebate looks like a post card. Maybe you threw it away?