Kokomo, Indiana
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date 1/18/13

spent 517.49 sent in rebate in the time frame. date 5/9/13 spent 211.97

date 5/30/13 spent 323.89 7/13 spent102.75, sent all rebates in and havent received anything back. i was thinking of buying a grill there with a rebate. no one seems to know how to handle this. if you offer rebates to get people to shop there, you should honor the rebates. until i hear anything i will be spending my money where there is no rebates at other places. very upset. if you have any sales, it should not be rebates

thanks alvenia guge 765 628 3616

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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1. Menards does not handle or control these rebates.

Rebates International does. So if there is an issue with you not receiving them, your issue is with Rebates international not Menards.


If I buy $100 in product and mail in my 11% rebate form then come in the store and return $50 of the product I will only get $44.50 back. This is because I will also get my rebate in the mail for $11.


To get the rebate amount back you need to have the rebate part of your receipt. Without it you will receive the sale price back and not the rebate amount. Otherwise you could get the total back plus the mail in rebate.

If you mail in the rebate correctly, you will get the credit check either way. It will not matter that the item was returned because you can not receive the rebate amount from the store without the rebate part of the receipt.

The rebate part of the receipt holds the power. Make sense?


Ken - PLEASE CLARIFY - Are you saying that if you return an item (with original receipt) BEFORE you get the rebate credit check in the mail that Menards will NEVER mail you the credit check at all (if it hasn't already been mailed)? And along with this are you saying that Menards will ONLY refund you for the item price you paid MINUS the rebate credit check you will NEVER receive?

If I'm hearing you correct this is a major league scam!!!

And as the little disclaimer on the rebate certificate form states "Menards not responsible for lost or stolen credit checks" -- the customer would be *** out of luck since you could never prove what happened to the mail. :x :(


Sounds to me like your doing something incorrectly or they are getting stolen. I've sent in 3 rebates and got them all back.


You must not be very bright if you can't mail in a simple form. I get all of mine back


There is a Rebate Center tab on the main Menards page where you can track your rebates. I don't know if you enter the rebates on line or mail them in but I do know that you have to follow instructions exactly as they say.


I was told by a friend that works at the store..he said that if you have anything to return to the store don't do so until after you get the voucher back in the mail otherwise it throws out the entire rebate...witch is total bull...they need to place a sign saying so


Ken...I've worked there for years, so to clarify....the system knows what is returned, and adjusts the rebate accordingly. It does NOT *** the entire purchase...your friend is completely wrong!